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Post 31 - Stuck In the Middle With You

Posted on Sat May 30th, 2020 @ 11:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Kora Lenek & Ensign Ariennye t’Aenikh & Captain Björn Kodak & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Lieutenant Commander Karim MD & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Grey M.D & Lieutenant Nico Oliveria & Lieutenant Timmoz & Lieutenant JG Tovan Astril
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Mission: Episode 1 - The Metreon Paradox
Location: Bridge, Deck 1
Timeline: Not long after post 16...

[Bridge, Deck 1]
[Not long after post 16...]

Lieutenant Commander Kora Lenek stepped out onto the bridge, her mind still somewhat occupied by the conversation she'd just had with their Orion pilot. Under most normal circumstances, with the Captain being off the bridge, her first move would have been to head to the center chair and take command, but the communication from Cmdr. Kodak had changed her intended course to the briefing lounge that she'd occupied with their new Captain not long ago. Her stride was interrupted, however, by the unsteady voice of the Chief Science Officer sitting at her console.

"Commander..." Ens. t'Aenikh called out to the Cardassian, forcing the woman to a halt before she turned back toward the Romulan.

"Yes, Ensign?"

"I've been monitoring a warp signature in our vicinity. I ran a comparative analysis of the signature, and it matches known Haakonian warp signatures," the Ensign explained.

Kora's brow furrowed at the news, "What is their heading, Ensign?"

"They're... well... they were making several course corrections while your team was on the... on the Talaxian vessel... But they've since altered course and are now heading on a course that will bring them here in approximately... two minutes," Ari explained.

Kora's features darkened even further, "I don't believe they're coming to assist us... Tactical analysis, Ensign!"

The officer manning the tactical console tapped in a few commands before turning to report, "Sensors indicate their weapons are powered, and their defensive systems are active, Commander."

The Cardassian didn't waste time, "Red Alert! Raise the shields and assume a defensive posture." As she spoke, the woman assumed the center-most position on the bridge without actually sitting in the Captain's Chair.

"How long until they drop out of warp," Lenek said, turning back to address Ens. t'Aenikh.

"One minute," came the terse reply.

The sound of the doors to the briefing area pulled Kora's attention from one side of the bridge to the other. She watched as Cmdr. Kodak, as well as a sizable number of the Senior Staff, filed out and back onto the Bridge.

Tov's black eyes did not reveal much, but the line of his lips, not yet returned to his customary smile, told a story of the Betazoid being out of sorts, while the set of his shoulders and the purpose in his stride as he moved to the tactical console told of his current, focused, state. He had opened his mind to the psionic environment on the Talaxian ship, and his mood was having a bit of trouble returning to normal.

"Report," came the Captain's order as he moved to take his seat. After the Cardassian quickly brought him up to speed, Kodak said, "Get me Jasaxar on the Bolitx."

Jasaxar face filled the large screen in front of the bridge, "Commander, I didn't expect to hear from you so soon." Seeing the flashing red lights through the visual pickup he figured the Adelphi must be at some sort of alert status, "Somethings wrong isn't it?"

"Mister Jasaxar," the Captain kept his calm, hoping the Talaxian would do the same. "A Haakonian ship is inbound. Should be here any second. We're going to extend our shields around you and--" he was interrupted as, on-screen, the Bolitx visibly shuddered around Jasaxar as the Haakonians arrived and began firing. "Just hang tight. Helm, bring us in closer," Kodak called forward to Timmoz. "Tactical," he turned to Astril, "extend shields around the Talaxian ship. Mr. Morris," he looked then to the Operations officer, "I want you to monitor our power levels. If you need to draw power away from non-critical systems to support the shields, then please do so. Mr. Oliveria, do not let our shields around that ship fail." He looked back then to the young engineer, thinking to himself how much younger crewmen got with every year. "Get me the Haakonians, please," the Captain ordered.

"We are as unknown to the Haakonians as they are to us, Commander," Karim said, having claimed the seat to the side of the ship's new commanding officer. "Perhaps more so," he added, "as it is unlikely that they have had any knowledge of Voyager's interactions with the Haakonian scientist. Regrettably, it is possible that the USS Equinox traversed this region of space."

"If the Equinox made contact with these people," Kodak shook his head, "then we're in for a harder road than I already imagined." Still, Karim brought up an excellent point and the Commander's look communicated how much he appreciated the insight. "Thank you, Doctor," he nodded before turning to look towards the viewscreen. Jasaxar had been replaced with a visual of the Haakonian ship, which had indeed arrived and was firing verdant blasts of energy at the Talaxian vessel.

Lieutenant Timmoz had just relieved the CONN Officer at his station next to Morris, swiveling into his chair. "Yes Captain," he responded. His fingers were fluid and practiced, and on the main screen the hull of the Talaxian vessel grew from below until detail was more than clear. he eyed the Talaxian freighter, waiting for someone over there to get fidgety and panic. He set their ventral thrusters to station-keeping, using the Bolitx as a sort of cruise control marker. When it shifted, the Adelphi would.

Tov's fingers wove a tapestry of movement over the console. He shunted some of the auxiliary power to the shield emitters, and increased the diameter of their shield bubble to encompass the nearby ship. He glanced at the system display, noting that with the Bolitx not being very maneuverable just yet, they would have to limit their maneuverability as well. He turned to a secondary terminal at his station and brought up the tactical analysis of the Haakonian ships they had encountered in the past. He first noted the types of weapons they tended to use, and did his best to alter their shields harmonics to better counter their energy signatures.

"Shields extended, sir. I've also set our shield harmonics to better match the energy signatures of known Haakonian vessels." He silently lamented that he hadn't taken the time to study Haakonian battle tactics more closely, though he knew that hindsight tended to be better than foresight.

"Excellent thinking, Lieutenant," Kodak nodded from the center seat, a port of calm in a turbulent sea. "They've had 30 years to improve their weapons capabilities since the last time a Federation ship rolled through here. Bear that in mind," he said.

Nico had barely had time to settle in his chair when the red alert sent them all scrambling for the bridge, well maybe it was just Nico who was doing the scrambling. Timmoz appeared composed as ever as he slid into his seat near the front of the bridge while the Engineer found himself at the rear with sweat on his upper lip again. He was once again on the verge of his first battle as a Starfleet officer. Taking a few deep breaths, he brought his displays online and began to coordinate with engineering. "Aye, Sir," he responded, a bit too loud, underscoring his nervousness.

Jason had walked on the bridge right behind Commander Kodak and took his position from the ops officer, "Aye sir, watching power levels and hailing the Haakonians," he said as he started tapping commands into the console.

"Thank you," Kodak nodded, looking toward the viewscreen and expecting to see a Haakonian blinking back at him. Unfortunately that was not the case: in fact, the only response to the Adelphi's hail was a lancing beam of energy splashing across the shields over the forward bow. The deck shuddered slightly beneath his feet as a result, causing the Commander to look over at Astril. "Shield status, Lieutenant?" For Timmoz, the Commander said, "I know we're soaking up the fire but keep us between that ship and our new Talaxian friends as best you can, Mr. Timmoz." He looked up to t'Aenikh briefly, "Any weaknesses we could exploit to disable the Haakonians without destroying them?" The ship shuddered again, this time much worse than before, the Bridge lights dimming for the briefest of moments. "Morris, what's our power situation? Oliveria, how long can we keep up this extended shield bubble?"

As his crew worked on the orders given and information requested, Kodak turned to both Karim and Lenek, lowering his voice a bit. "Thoughts on our play here? A show of force could send them packing. But I sense we're going to need to deal with these people diplomatically at some point, at least. Don't want to burn any potential bridges. Warning shot, perhaps?" He realized the ship was embroiled in the battle already with every second counting but the matter needed to be handled with great delicacy.

The Cardassian folded her arms in front of her in a somewhat impatient manner, "Warning shots to an overtly hostile enemy will serve us no purpose other than to embolden the enemy into thinking we are poor marksmen. It would be better to be decisive with our response, and ensure that this vessel understands that we are no soft target to prey upon."

"I am in agreement with Commander Lenek," Karim added his piece, his Vulcan stoicism not betraying any hint of concern he may have had about the conflict they were engaged in. "Disable their vessel, or at least their weapons, and they will be forced either into a dialogue with us, or we will simply have control over the tactical situation and express Federation ideals through our subsequent gallantry. The least effort for the maximum reward - it is the logical course of action."

"Shields at seventy-eight percent and holding, sir. We are getting some data back on the Haakonian weapons, and I am remodulating slightly to help our shields maintain integrity." Tov's hands continued to move over the console as his head turned for a moment to read the current status on the shields and the computer derived expectation of shield longevity. "Not that I want us getting shot at," he tried for a mood lightening quip, "but as they fire I should be able to keep the shields stronger against it." He glanced at a status icon near the shield readout, it held the standard shield configuration. So long as they didn't lose many emitters, he should be able to pop them back to their standard configuration in only a matter of moments if they needed to do so.

Ensign t'Aenikh took a while scanning the vessel through the pelting their shields were enduring. The ship wasn't that far below their own vessel in terms of offense, but it did still have flaws in the design. One such item of interest stood out to the Romulan and she decided to voice her findings, "Commander... I think I've located a power distribution hub close to the exterior hull of their ship... If we sever it with a phaser blast... it might knock out at least two or three of their weapons arrays."

"Main power holding fine, auxiliary power down to 50 percent Captain," Jason said as he continued watching the power levels. "Recommend we disable their weapons and impulse sir." He threw in his two-cent to stop the assault.

The deck shuddered under Nico as the ship took another volley from the Haakonian vessel, he had been working with Engineering to keep the shields online, but gaps were forming already. "Not long, sir, ventral shield generators are just pulling too much power to sustain this more than a few more minutes." Pausing his fingers flew about the console, looking up the engineer smiled, "But I do have an idea, Captain, that is if Mr. Timmoz can pull it off. If we rotate the ship so that our dorsal shield generators face the Talxian ship, it will buy us a little more time, but we can't get more than a few more meters away from that ship and maintain integrity. He would have about 10 meters clearance from the saucer section at the 90-degree mark."

"I thought Lieutenant Astril was our resident telepath," Timmoz commented, his fingers in play while he didn't even look up. "I'm rotating Adelphi to rest our ventral shield vector. But that's not going to buy us more than a few more minutes," he said even as the angle on the screen was beginning to shift.

"I've got a lock on that power distribution hub." Tov called out, his voice remaining calm despite the beating their shields were taking. "Shields at sixty-seven percent, remodulating has helped take some of the edge off, though rolling us is keeping the damage spread out."

Kodak absorbed all of the information flowing around the Bridge and, like the famed Lightweavers of Indi 7, spun it all together into a plan. "Very well, strength and honor it is. Target that hub and fire." Other Captains were often known for great exuberance when issuing such a command. In fact, video playback of Kirk ordering such when facing off against Khan's Reliant was required watching at the Academy. Many officers (subconsciously or otherwise) imitated the legendary man's cadence and passion but Kodak, it seemed, was content to order the firing of weapons as calmly as he might order a steaming cup of kaffee from the replicator. Eyes locked on the viewscreen ahead, the Chameloid set his jaw, committed to the course of action they'd now undertaken.

"Firing pattern Alpha." Tov stated as he began the return fire. His fingers moved with swift assurance on the console. The phaser emitters cut out at the enemy ship with careful precision.

The wheels of Starfleet assertiveness ground slowly in the perceptions of the Orion at Helm. But then, he was not in command and that was a good thing. The Orion notion of maximum lethality to cow someone who dared attack you didn't mesh well with Federation ideals. Quietly, the CONN officer simmered, fighting his nature. When the command came, Timmoz was quick to action, "I'm bring us to a forward attack vector," he said as the ship's screen view veered again, placing the Haakonian vessel squarely in their sights. He hoped someone was responding and rotating their shield harmonics to face forward. It was time to show the local bully what color their blood was, Timmoz thought, feeling his hearts quicken.


"They found us! Oh Miralax, they're not going to stop!" a woman howled from her biobed, thrashing against the forcefield restraints holding her to the surface. She'd just been secured for minor surgery to repair internal bleeding but had yet to be theta-wave induced into sedation. "Please, you have to let me up! I need to save my children. Please!" Her wail was full of shrill anguish as she looked around wildly for someone who would let her up. Tears welled at the corners of her eyes, pooling there until she turned her head just enough for them to roll down her nose and cheek, temporarily staining the biobed with moisture. Her chest was rapidly heaving up and down, the woman's breath ragged as a panic attack set in, exacerbating the internal bleeding she was already struggling under.

Elizabeth stood watching the Talaxian woman's protestations with a professional eye, and decided that her hysterics had just gone from an understandable irritating to a medical danger and a distraction that neither she nor any of her medical staff needed as the ship found itself under fire.

"Sedate her," Elizabeth ordered sharply, noting which of her staff had allowed her to get into that state in the first place, noting one of her interns. "Secure her, her surgery is on hold, everyone else gather round."

Elizabeth waited for her staff to gather around her.

"Okay people, a Starship in battle is going to be trauma central; we're talking burns and broken bones at minimum, depending on how much damage it could be far worse," Elizabeth said firmly. "Triage is the first order of business, if we start to take a large number of casualties our resources will get limited real fast, so we'll need to prioritize and save who we can... any questions?"

There were none -- not even from the intern who'd looked so lost earlier. The team knew what to do and, as the battle began in earnest, they moved into action. How the good doctor and her team were able to juggle Talaxian refugees and Starfleet casualties was, indeed, a marvel of medicine but somehow, they got it done.

[Main Bridge]

It'd been a tense few minutes. The Adelphi had, in thanks to Timmoz and Astril, played an excellent game of cat-and-mouse with the Haakonian's weak spot, finally doing enough damage to stall the enemy ship entirely. And with the crew all doing their part to keep the Adelphi as pristine as possible in the affair, the ship had come out on top of the battle in pretty good shape over all. With the Haakonians drifting in space, contact had finally been established.

"I'm Commander Björn Kodak, of the USS-Adelphi. That's the name of the ship you've been firing at, by the way," the Chameloid said from his spot in the center of the Bridge.

"Apologies for the...misunderstanding, Commander," the Haakonian now filling the viewscreen replied calmly. "I am Commander Unthalon. My commanding officer is down in our medical bay being treated for plasma burns. However," the Haakonian smiled thinly, "he's asked me to explain that we were merely attempting to return our...citizens," he used the word carefully, "to our home system and see that they are well cared for, Captain. Would you please return our citizens to us?"

"Incoming hail from the Talaxians, sir," an ensign at Communications spoke up. "It's Jasaxar...he'd like to speak with both you and the Haakonians."

At Kodak's nod, the viewscreen changed to a split-screen view of both Unthalon and the Talaxian captain, who's head was no longer gashed and bleeding.

"Don't believe them, Captain!" Jasaxar yelled, face taut with anger. "They're trying to enslave us, not help us! Which is why..." the man gulped visibly, "I'm officially asking for your protection. We want asylum from these oppressors!"

Kodak arched an eyebrow. The situation had gone from simply helping a neighbor under attack to now being embroiled in their internal dispute. But with asylum asked for, it was now their duty to consider the request while the situation allowed for it. "Commander Unthalon, Mister both of your ships aren't going anywhere for awhile, I'd like some time to consider both of your requests. Would you agree to stand by for one hour?"

In turn, both men bowed their heads to signify their agreement. Perhaps the gesture's synchronicity came from the two races sharing a similar cultural background? Either way, the channels were cut and Kodak was left to face the Bridge crew, whose opinions he now very much wanted to hear.

"Senior staff to the Briefing Room," he announced, knowing the computer would relay the order to the Doctor down in Sickbay. "We have much to discuss, it would seem."

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