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Post 5 - Old head to new Head

Posted on Tue May 12th, 2020 @ 11:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Lieutenant JG Tovan Astril
Edited on on Tue May 12th, 2020 @ 11:32pm

Mission: Episode 1 - The Metreon Paradox
Location: Chief of Security office
Timeline: MD 1 after department briefing

Tov stood in his office, facing the wall display as he went through the days reports. He was technically off duty at the moment, but he had nothing better to do. His mind was still whirring, trying to take in all of the responsibilities that came along with being a department head. Rather than being in either training, making rounds, or off on an adventure, he was more often in meetings and reviewing reports. He had to juggle schedules to work around crew getting ill or needing time off to make sure the ship remained secure and bridge and the Security/Tactical office was staffed.

"Sir, Lieutenant Commander Morris is here to see you." The officer staffing the department's front desk said over the office comm.

"Very good, send him in," Tov replied, then tapped a few commands into the wall panel to save his place and blank the screen. As his office door swished open, he turned with a smile and a hand extended. "Commander Morris, what brings you around?"

Jason walked into the office and smiled back at Tov. "Hello Lieutenant, I am here to check up and make sure you are settling in," Jason said as he walked over towards the desk.

'How honest is too honest with one's superiors.' Tov mused as he walked to his desk and sat in his chair. His face settled into his normal amiable expression, something fairly unusual in Security officers, but fairly common with Betazoids. "I can't complain. Having an office to myself is certainly more comfortable than leading an away mission to the equatorial region of Cardassia or one of Andros polar regions." He smiled and looked around his office a bit. It was unlikely that the Commander would miss the telltales of reminiscence happening. Tov brought his eyes back around to his guest. "I can't say I won't miss the action, but I'm enjoying the work here more than I thought I would at first. How are you settling in?" He may not be a counselor, but some things are simply bred into most Betazoids, and he couldn't resist returning the query with active interest.

"It's a new ship, new crew, and I have a son who is changing so I consider him new. I guess I'm hanging in. I'm happy to hear you are liking your position. If you need any assistance with anything let me know, not only is it my job but I was a security chief myself." Jason responded. "Now it is also my job to find out if you need anything for the department?" he asked.

Tov nodded, they were a new crew, on a new ship, entering the unknown. The nature of all of their lives was changing mercurially.

"You'd know the short answer, personnel, and time. You can never have enough of either in this department. We need to balance training and maintaining standards with actually executing our mandate of keeping the ship secure and ensuring the tactical systems are all functional." He smiled, knowing that Jason would well know the careful way one had to balance everything in this department. "Other than that, we seem fairly ready. I've got a couple of crewpersons who I want to put through refresher training on marksmanship, and a couple of others who haven't gotten much time with ship weapons. I'm planning a few drills to tighten those up, though."

"But I'd still like to know what you need for the department. You will need to select a number of your personnel to become advanced lifesavers as well and every other officer who isn't will become proficient at basic life-saving." Jason told Tov. "I know it will be a lot to juggle but it will be a requirement for a lot of the crew." he took a second to let that sink in. "There is a lot to do to be prepared and like you said not enough time. After a while, we may have everything we need to be ready for but until that time be prepared for anything."

Tov nodded and tapped a few more commands into the console at the table, pulling up the duty rosters.

"I have three advanced lifesaver certified officers at present. I have them separated among the duty shifts. I will prioritize getting more of them certified." He tapped a few more times, and about a third of the names across the duty shifts were highlighted. "These all have the basic certification, so I think they will be our best bet to train up for advanced, though I will ask for volunteers as well." He tapped a few more times, tagging the rest of the names. "And I'll go through and make sure each of the rest have time to do the basic training. It may mean a few tight shifts, and I'll have to reorganize as a lot of them have ended up on Gamma shift." He paused for a moment, looking over the names. "What is your opinion on supplementary combat training for the rest of the crew? I have some good hand to hand people, and I have a former marksmanship instructor as the master-at-arms on Alpha shift."

"It will be useful for the engineering department at least, the two departments that are spread out the ship would be amazing," Jason said nodding, "Is there anything else you will need?" he asked.

"Not at the moment, this is a great start." He made a note on the console. "I'll get my people training and we can reach out to Lieutenant Oliveria to see if Engineering would be willing to have additional security training."

"Yes, they must and will be willing." Jason smiled at Tovan. " Since there is nothing else for you or the department I'll leave you be." Jason stood up and offered his hand to the Lieutenant.

Tov stood and shook Jason's outstretched hand.

"Thank you for coming by, let me know if you need anything else." He said with an easy smile on his face.

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