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Post 2 - Ad astra per aspera...

Posted on Sun May 10th, 2020 @ 4:53pm by Captain Björn Kodak & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Lieutenant Commander Karim MD & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Grey M.D & Lieutenant Nico Oliveria & Lieutenant Timmoz & Lieutenant JG Tovan Astril & Ensign Ariennye t’Aenikh & Captain Malcom Harrison & Captain Koloth

Mission: Episode 1 - The Metreon Paradox
Location: USS-Adelphi, Briefing Room
Timeline: Not long after arrival in the Delta Quadrant

[Deep Space - Nacene Reach - Delta Quadrant]
[Deck One - Main Bridge - USS Adelphi]
[Mission Day 01 - 1650 Hours]

They'd arrived only a couple of hours prior, the Adelphi gliding out of the wormhole and setting its initial course to rendezvous with the USS-Stargazer. There the senior staff would meet with Captain Koloth, who would impart on them their new orders for this region of space. The hours to rendezvous passed without incident, though several Bridge crew members doted on data coming to them from stars and systems they'd never even heard of, much less set eyes upon before. There was so much to discover in the Delta Quadrant but before the crew of the Adelphi could begin that process in earnest, they needed to know the lay of the land (so to speak) and how they were to proceed.

When the ship dropped out of warp near the Stargazer's position, Commander Kodak rose from his place at the rear of the Bridge and conferred with the Captain. Tasked with getting the senior staff (and relevant deputies) into the Briefing Room for forthcoming orders, the First Officer tapped his combadge and issued orders to the appropriate parties. Some were still on the Bridge, manning their stations, while others had returned to their duties below decks after having witnessed the Adelphi's journey through the wormhole. Either way, it wouldn't take long for the crew to assemble. By the time Captain Koloth beamed over and was escorted up to the meeting, Kodak was confident everyone needed would be ready.

Stepping into the Briefing Room, the Chameloid was surprised to see someone already there. At first he wondered if one of the senior staff or their deputies had beaten him to the punch. But a quick gauge of what the man was doing told him all he needed to know: this was meeting prep. The First Officer smiled at the young man who was busy arranging the chairs into perfect, picture-ready alignment. It made Kodak wish he'd brought his instant camera with him -- the arrangement would make an excellent black-and-white shot. But there'd be plenty of time for that later. "Thank you, Ensign," he nodded as the young man looked up from placing pitchers of water and some glasses out. "People think all this happens by magic," he trailed off, sweeping his hands out to encompass the chair alignment and laid-out-refreshments.

"We try to make it look that way, sir," the attendant smiled back. "Lieutenant Lenaris in Sciences calls us house elves, though I have no idea what she means by that," he chuckled. "Anyway, I'll get out of your hair. Have a good meeting, sir."

"Thank you," Kodak smiled warmly. "House elf or not, what's your name, Ensign?"

"Dobbison, sir," the man answered back.

"Welcome to the Delta Quadrant, Mr. Dobbison," Kodak grinned. "Better shuffle along before anyone arrives and spoils the magic show."

"Aye, sir," the Ensign laughed before leaving through the rear exit.

Kodak took a seat to what would be the Captain's right, pulling out his PADD and sifting through some preliminary information for the upcoming briefing. He couldn't keep his eyes on the display, however. The excitement of this first mission was too much to allow him to focus. Instead, he looked out the large windows as he waited for others to arrive. Partially blocking the visible starfield, the Stargazer came into view as the two ships adopted a parallel course. Kodak lost himself in thought tracing her lines until the doors swished open to admit the first arrivals.

Captain Malcom Harrison was the first to walk through the door. Being the first briefing he would have with everyone he felt it was his duty to be there before the rest of the crew. "Good afternoon, Commander," He said as he walked over to the replicator, "Coffee, double strong, double sweet," The drink materialized in front of him, he picked it up and took his first drink. The sweetness satisfying his taste buds, the caffeine giving him the extra energy he needed. He took his place at the head of the table, adjusting his tunic and setting the coffee down. He felt a bit of relief after arriving in the Delta quadrant, the chance of reigniting the friendships and acquaintances that Captain Janeway and the crew of Voyager forged over 20 years ago gave him a feeling of importance. He could already sense a feeling of wonder and excitement around the ship. The crew knew they were embarking on a historic journey, and Mal would be lying if he said he wasn't excited about the prospects of this journey either.

"Hello Captain," Kodak nodded back in response. "First meeting in the Delta Quadrant," he smiled wide. "There must be a medal for that, hmm?" He winked, then looked towards the door as it swished open again.

Ensign t'Aenikh walked in just a few moments behind the Captain, as she had no real need to turn anything over in regards to the station she had manned on the bridge during the crossing of the wormhole. The young Romulan looked around the room for just a moment before finding a chair that was an acceptably large distance away from the Captain and the First Officer. When she sank into her chair, she nodded to both men at the opposite side of the room.

"Captain... Commander..." was all she said, her voice just loud enough to be heard, before her gaze lowered onto the table in front of her as she started to mull over what she'd seen in the scans during the crossing.

"Ensign," Kodak greeted back warmly. "Thanks for joining us. Glad to have you here," he nodded.

Jason had been on the bridge when the commander announced the briefing when the Captain and Commander left he waited on the bridge until another officer who could take over arrived. When the Lieutenant walked on the bridge Jason stood and walked towards the briefing room.

Jason walked into the room seeing the three officers already there he greeted. "Captain, Commander." He nodded in their direction. "Ensign, how are you doing?" He asked as he sat down across from Commander Kodak.

Ariennye looked up just long enough to utter, "Fine, sir," before her eyes fell back to the table in thought.

Timmoz came next, delayed by putting the ship's helm into standby. Then he turned the station over to a young woman named Sonja Marquez, an Ensign. When he was reasonably ready, he walked himself into the Briefing Room. He nodded to the Captain and Commander, then Morris and finally the Ensign on a farther spot. Timmoz dropped himself into the same chair he'd chosen at the last briefing.

"Commander, Lieutenant," Kodak nodded to both Morris and Timmoz. "Welcome to our first Delta Quadrant briefing! We'll get started shortly," he smiled, picking up a pitcher of water. "Would anyone else like some?" he offered, ready to pour.

Timmoz raised his olive-hued hand, "I'll take a glass. Thank you Commander."

"Thank you, sir. " Jason also nodded his head for a glass as well. "Shall we consider this a toast?" He posed the question to everyone in the room.

Elizabeth arrived after having handed off the sickbay to one of her residents, who would be the medical officer on duty for the evening; this meeting was her last bit of work for the day, save for paperwork, and truth be told she was looking forward to it. Settling into a seat, she smiled and nodded to the offer of water.

Once again, the briefing room doors hissed open, and Nico sauntered in with his trademark smile and a steaming travel mug in hand. He nodded to everyone and attempted not to linger on Timmoz, but failed horribly to anyone paying any sort of attention. He plopped down into the seat across from Timmoz as he had in the previous briefing. That put the XO to his left this time. "So, time to kick the tires and light the fires, eh?"

Jason nodded to Nico as he sat. "Hello Lieutenant, how is engineering?" he asked.

Kodak began pouring the first of several glasses, the water shining in the overhead light as it splashed into the cup at first, then became a slow stream that eventually filled the vessel. He handed it to Timmoz with a smile before pouring another for Morris. "Doctor," the Commander smiled wide, passing another glass, "good to see you up here. Welcome to the DQ," he smirked, using the initials for the spatial region rather than fully sounding out the words. Spying Oliveria enter, he noticed the man's gaze fixating just a bit too long on Timmoz but Kodak quickly looked away. Whatever they're doing, they're adults. And until whatever it is causes a problem, it isn't mine, he thought to himself, smiling as Nico took a seat to his left. "Lieutenant...that smells amazing," he offered, nodding down at the cup.

Once waters had all been poured and passed out, Kodak looked across to Morris. "A toast isn't a bad idea. But we're not all here yet...would hate to leave anyone out. Your job, Commander," he slyly winked at the Operations officer, "is to remind us to toast with Captain Koloth once we get done with the business at hand. Can you...make it so?" he lowered his rasp, trying to imitate the great Admiral Picard but failing miserably on the account of not being able to keep a straight face.

Jason nodded to the revisal of the toast. "Aye, sir." He said while opening into a large smile at Björn's attempt to imitate Admiral Picard. " I can... make it so," he said while laughing. After a few seconds of that laugh, he looked at Nico. " Wearing a new type of aftershave?" He questioned.

The door opened once more, and Tov looked up from the PADD in his hands as he stepped through. His thumb blanked the screen as he smiled at the assembled senior officers. He quickly stepped forward and took his seat, setting the PADD on the conference table in front of him, but otherwise remaining silent.

Just as the last of the senior staff had finished gathering, settling in, and having their drinks arranged, the doors to the briefing room parted once more, revealing the guest of honour for their meeting. Shepherded in by one of the Adelphi's security officers that had greeted him in the transporter room, the Klingon task group commander strode into the populated room flanked by Counsellor Karim, who seemed familiar with the newcomer, and a Trill commander in a wine-red uniform. Taller than Lieutenant Timmoz and broader than Commander Kodak in his natural form, the captain cut an impressive figure, even by his own species' standards.

He did not smile or yet acknowledge any of the gathered Adelphi crew as he made his way to the far chair at the end of the briefing room, still followed by both Karim and the Trill, who claimed the vacant chairs at either side of the grizzled captain's end seat. With his thick dark hair down past his shoulders and his shining cultural baldric stretched across his thick chest, it was only his immaculately-presented Starfleet uniform that presented as him anything but a typical servant of the Klingon Empire.

"Captain Harrison, officers of the Adelphi," he began, voice deep and clipped, "on behalf of the crew of the Stargazer, welcome to the Delta Quadrant. I am Captain Koloth and this my first officer, Commander Rohna Val."

Stern, piercing eyes made their way around the officers assembled about the briefing table, Koloth carefully examining each of the Adelphi's senior staff in turn before settling with meaning on Harrison and Kodak. Although he still did not smile, there was an air of satisfaction about the Klingon's presence at what he had surveyed, and he shifted himself back into the chair, which did little to diminish the appearance of his muscled frame.

What is a Klingon doing in a Starfleet uniform? Timmoz mused to himself. He felt the eyes on him- and everyone else. He stayed cool. He stayed calm. He might have been a "Botchoki Blue" Orion on the Empire's side of the Borderlands, but this was not Botchok. And this Klingon did not appear to be a part of the Imperial forces. Still, nebulous unease crept up the frizzy curls on Timmoz's neck: few Orions enjoyed being reviewed by their Klingon masters on Botchok, and it triggered the memory in the young Orion.

Nico really wished he had reviewed the fleet assignments for the Delta Quadrant a little closer. He was totally shocked to see a giant Klingon walk-in wearing a Starfleet uniform, and it showed on his face. Captain Koloth was already talking before Nico realized his mouth was just hanging open. He snapped it shut and hoped no one had noticed his lapse. Not that anyone who had known Nico long would have been surprised by his reaction.

While there was barely a verbal whisper upon the entrance of the Klingon Captain, Tov felt an increase in mental activity as Koloth entered. Tov took a slow, deliberate breath and pushed his mental walls to their strongest to keep from spying on his crewmates. There were likely many cultures who would love to have a telepath be the head of security, and likely some in Starfleet would encourage him to use his abilities to keep the crew in line, but Tov was adamantly against becoming any kind of secret police. He returned his attention to Captain Koloth as the Klingons eyes fell on him, and he offered a small smile and a nod before the eyes passed on. Tov, in turn, studied both the Captain and his first officer.

"Captain Koloth," the First Officer nodded with gravity. "Commander Val. Thank you for joining us. I'm sure I speak for all of us," he gestured to the rest of those gathered in the room, "when I say we're quite excited to receive our orders." Looking about the briefing room, he could see that excitement in the eyes of some of those sitting around the table. Across the faces of others, Kodak saw the lines of potential nervousness and anxiety. It was an understandable response, given that they'd volunteered themselves across the galaxy without explicitly knowing what was to come. But at least they were about to find out...

"Welcome aboard the Adelphi, Captain Koloth," Harrison said, adjusting his tunic, "We are all honored to have you join us on this historic occasion." Harrison then gestured to the empty seats at the table, "Please, have a seat."

Any questions that the senior staff may have had about the provenance of the Klingon CO went unanswered, as Koloth finally spoke once more. "This is the first time this ship or any of its crew has been to the Delta Quadrant. You have all accepted a prestigious posting aboard a remarkable ship. Its class is storied in the annals of Federation and Klingon history alike, rich with honour and hardwon respect. Although the Barzan Wormhole heeds our demands now, never forget that nature is a fickle mistress; we are far from the Federation, and this ship may become more than a passing residence. Whatever your faith or culture, your willingness to sacrifice - the great things you are set to do here, for the Federation of the people and the Nacene Reach - holds great glory for you all."

He brought a fist to his chest and dipped his head towards the gathered officers. "You have this old Klingon's respect and gratitude. Jaj vIghaj." The solemn moment lasted for only a few seconds, before he returned his hand to the table, his stern demeanour returning. "Delta Command is dispatching the Adelphi to the depths of the Reach for its first assignment. The USS Arcturus made contact with the Ocampan species - the first race encountered by the crew of Voyager twenty-eight years ago - and discovered a remarkable development in their species. This renewed contact did not go well, but Captain Hayden's logs made note of an Ocampan colony ship that went missing some years ago. You are to search for this missing vessel. It will also afford you the opportunity to conduct explorative efforts in an unexplored region of space."

Commander Val then stepped in to comment, her gentle, pale features and platinum-blonde hair a stark contrast to the grim visage of her Klingon captain. The Trill XO had a face that smiled easily, and a pleasant, warm manner about her. "The Ocampans have split into three distinct sects," she opened, taking time to look at every officer present, "and none of them were especially happy to see another Starfleet ship after all this time. For them, it's been a few generations since the Caretaker's array was destroyed by Captain Janeway - a dark fable from their past. However, given their belief in Starfleet's complicity in that event, Command is keen for us to build bridges and make the most of this tenuous relationship. Finding out what happened to their colony ship could be the show of goodwill we need."

"The last telemetry for the colony ship will be transmitted to you, along with all of Arcturus' data from their encounter with the Ocampa, which your Commander Karim has already reviewed," Koloth picked up the commentary. "You are to set course at cruising speed. This is a mission of discovery - and not just of the fate of the colony ship. The region you are headed for has not been charted by any of Task Force 38's vessels thus far. It is entirely uncharted territory, and you will be the only vessel in the immediate vicinity." His heavy gaze fell on each of the officers, and most decidedly on the Adelphi's commanding trio. "Any questions?"

With orders revealed, the cork on questions was unsealed. "One, Captain," Adelphi's XO spoke up from his spot at the table. "These Ocampa who went we know what their intended reason for leaving Ocampa was? I know they're a colony ship," he lifted a staying hand, "but I'm curious about the circumstances of their departure. Were they hoping to escape the Ocampan factions and start a new life on their own, free from the chains of home? Or were they perhaps sent by one of the factions with a mandate to extend their reach with a new colony?" Alright, so he'd actually asked two and a half questions but the answers would help the crew consider whether the Ocampa involved were actively trying to hide vs. some calamity befalling them that broke off contact inadvertently.

"Commander," Koloth greeted Kodak and his question with a small curl of a half-smile. "There are three distinct factions, divided along militaristic, expansionist and traditionalist lines, nearly all relying in some measure on Nacene and stolen Kazon/Trabe technology. The expansionists were the most hospitable to the Arcturus - and the colony ship was one of theirs. They control a half-dozen colonies in the Reach and operate mostly independently of their kin."

Ens. t'Aenikh looked up at the mention of the types of ship technology the Ocampa were using, "If that is the case... they might be using a... dirtier form of energy production than we do, which would make tracking them easier if we... um... if we got their engine specifications..." The young Romulan lost a bit of steam when the room suddenly turned to look at her.

"That is a good idea ensign, for that matter what information can we get on the Ocampa sir?" Jason addressed Captain Koloth after Ensign t'Aenikh.

"Understood," Kodak nodded slowly at Koloth's response. "And good thinking, Ensign," the First Officer nodded to t'Aenikh. "Perhaps the trail isn't as cold as the Ocampa think." As Morris asked his question, the Commander replied, "Sounds like we've got a full packet of information on the Ocampa coming our way," Kodak responded to Morris, referencing Koloth's earlier promise. "And given that Doctor Karim," he looked then to the Counselor, "is our First Contact specialist, I'm sure he's well equipped to guide us more once we've had a chance to review the information from the Stargazer. Thank you in advance for that," he offered to Karim sincerely. "What other questions do we have while Captain Koloth and his First Officer are with us?" The Chameloid's eyes moved from person to person in turn, expecting a few questions to come up now but knowing that the bulk of them might come up later. Such was often the way of meetings like this...

Timmoz, arms folded over his thin chest, turned to the commanders. "Two questions: Do the Ocampa factions compete with each other? And do they have any enemies in the area?"

Tov watched the various speakers ask questions, and watched their guests provide what answers they had. He felt a small thrill of excitement at the possibility of uncharted space, ever the adventure seeker. He pushed the excitement aside, though, and focused on the details they'd been given. He assumed what knowledge Starfleet had about the whys and timeline of the Ocampan split would be forthcoming in the data packet. The partial focus of the mission was finding the colony ship, and Tov couldn't help but think there might be something about the colony ship's disappearance and the factional split of the Ocampan species. He opened his mouth slightly to speak, but Lieutenant Timmoz was already asking a question, so Tov turned his attention there and waited.

"There is a peculiar relationship between the three factions," Counsellor Karim answered after a small nod from Koloth, his tone as even as ever. "The militarists and traditionalists are primarily isolated on and around their homeworld, guarding their borders jealously, with some interplay between them. The expansionists, by their self-evidence nature, have expanded to around half a dozen worlds, although not all of these have been logged or detailed, as of yet. The colony ship is one of the expansionists' earliest efforts, as the Arcturus understood it, but it does not appear it was born from any specific schism."

"Explorers, like ourselves," Koloth added, looking directly at the Orion that had raised the question, "but it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the divides around their home system contributed to the decision." He now turned his dark gaze to the room once more. "Everyone, the Arcturus was not welcomed to the Delta Quadrant by the Ocampa. They did not freely share much information with their Starfleet guests, and were quite content to limit interactions. The militarists protect their home with a fierce zeal, and the traditionalists prefer the feel of their planet, the warm embrace of home, however conflicted, beneath their feet. It is unlikely they will be a factor in your mission until or if you find any evidence of the colony ship's whereabouts."

A tone of finality was entering the Klingon's voice, and he shifted himself backwards in the chair, lightly rotating one shoulder. "Use this opportunity to truly fulfill Starfleet's mandate to explore this distant frontier. This is a grim region of space, but adversity breeds the finest warriors and the sharpest minds. There is much to discover here."

Koloth looked quickly to his XO, who nodded curtly to him, before he looked back to everyone. "Unless your captain or first officer require you for anything further, my briefing to you all is concluded. The Stargazer will have sent all of the data we have for you. Captain Harrison, when you and Commander Kodak are ready, I would like a few moments of your time." No smile came forward, but he nodded approvingly once more at the collected senior staff of the Adelphi. "Thank you, all. chon QaQ."

Good hunt, Timmoz translated in his head- what a very Klingon notion. The Orion stood, not allowing a modicum of frustration to fully coalesce on his face. Cluros gave him his out- that same, laissez-faire smile most Orions tended to wear to mask their darker instincts. But near two decades of Orion ennui asserted themselves: these Starfleet types were too eager to interfere, too eager to... meddle. If these Ocampa viewed them as rivals, as an unwanted element, then Timmoz's instincts were to leave them be. Space was a cold and cruel mistress. And as the Klingon had said- there was plenty of it to explore.

Sharing a look with both Captains, Kodak sensed it was time to draw the meeting to a close. After all, there was seemingly more information to impart, but Koloth seemed to infer that such information was for the ears of the Captain and First Officer alone. So he drew himself up to his full height and, as promised before the start of the meeting, raised his glass of water. "To the crew of the Adelphi and her mission. May we find ourselves in interesting times here in the Delta Quadrant." He toasted with those who raised their own glasses in response, took a long sip, and then smiled to Morris as if to say See? I didn't forget. That done, the Commander said, "Dismissed everyone. Thank you for very your excellent questions."

Voices carried as those gathered began rising from their chairs and chatted about the upcoming mission as they filtered out of the Briefing Room.

Timmoz lankily rolled his shoulders to puff his chest, stretching his pecs. Then he popped his neck with a deft gesture of hand under chin. He nodded at his Captain and Commander as he swayed out of the room. He held back at the corridor side of the door, leaning against the bulkhead to wait for the Chief Engineer.

Nico gathered his mug and quickly rose from his chair, his body giddy with excitement. He did not share Timmoz's doubts. Nico was very much the quintessential naive young Starfleet officer always rushing into help. He saw Timmoz leaning against the bulkhead and rushed over, looking up at the towering Orion, "Isn't this just so incredibly exciting?" He asked, practically bubbling.

The coffee-colored eyes of the Botchoki Orion settled on the giddy Human with a patient fondness. Crushing Nico's enthusiasm would have been wrong- and cruel. An Orion's perspective was their own, in both boon and burden. "That's what we do, in Starfleet, isn't it?" He said, patting the Human's back. He smiled into one cheek. "Which part excites you the most?" He asked between them, Timmoz voice a soft husk. "The colony ship or the open frontier?"

Nico pursed his lips in thought before smiling again, "The colony ship, of course. I can't wait to get a look at their technology. The open frontier is great and all, but without engineering, you can't explore it." Ever the tinkerer, Nico's eyes sparkled at the thought of climbing into an Ocampan warp engine. He craned his head up to look into Timmoz's eyes, wondering if he thought Nico sounded crazy.

If Timmoz thought so, it didn't show in his gaze. He smiled his sly and easy smile, chuckling while his gaze washed toward the door and the inevitable flood of senior officers that would come out of it. "Soon," He purred between them. "I was hoping to get a better idea of what Kazon and Trabe ships were like if I have to start outmaneuvering them." He clucked his tongue with an eyebrow raise. "Got a very... Klingon response..." His olive smile broadened.

Ensign t'Aenikh rose from her chair after several of the other officers had already started to depart. When the way was clear, the young Romulan hurried to the door passing by the cluster of officers that had left the room, but hadn't departed the area. She offered them a polite nod but didn't say anything to them as she ducked into a nearby turbolift and headed for her department to begin absorbing what she could from the data they'd been sent.

Jason continued to sit with the Captain and Xo. As the operations officer, he needed to know of anything that would be required and possibly additional resources for anyone they might have to rescue. "Would it be possible to take any additional supplies for the Ocampa, or any mail they may have for there family and friends?" Jason asked Captain Koloth.

"Commander," Kodak quietly turned to Morris. "I believe Captain Koloth would like to speak with the Captain and I alone," he said, his voice low enough so only the Operations Officer could hear. "Don't worry...if there's anything interesting we can share, we definitely will." He offered the man a wide smile before nodding towards the door. "I'll get an answer for you on those supplies, promise. Thank you," Kodak intoned before moving to stand himself, walking over towards where Captain Harrison and Koloth were gathered, waiting for the rest of the staff to disperse before the Klingon continued his briefing.

"Aye sir." Jason stood up from his seat and headed out of the room.

Tov nodded and stood from his seat, offering a parting nod and a smile to the visiting officers before picking his padd up and walking to and through the door. Once through the door, Tov made notes on his padd to pull up the briefings on the Ocampa and the Kazon. The Ocampan people may be the only known variable in the part of space they were going into, and Tov wanted to make sure they were ready for everything they knew they had so any advances would, hopefully, surprise them less.

Malcom turned in his chair to face the Klingon once again, straightening his tunic and adjusting his posture. He knew that this would be the first conversation of many with Koloth out in the Delta Quadrant, but Harrison had a feeling this would be one of the more interesting ones.

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