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Post 45 - Getting the Show On the Road

Posted on Sat May 2nd, 2020 @ 7:53pm by Captain Björn Kodak & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Lieutenant Commander Karim MD & Lieutenant Nico Oliveria & Lieutenant Timmoz & Lieutenant JG Tovan Astril & Ensign Ariennye t’Aenikh & Captain Malcom Harrison

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: USS Adelphi, Main Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 3 1345 hours

[USS Adelphi - Docked at Starbase 38 - Barzan System]
[Deck One - Main Bridge]
[Mission Day 3 - 1345 Hours]

Today was the day, the moment had come. Captain Harrison stepped out onto the Bridge from the turbolift; Starbase 38 was on Yellow alert. Malcom sat down in his chair in the center of the bridge. He felt better than he had in years: he had his ship, his crew, and he was ready to go gallivanting around the galaxy.

"Let's get this show on the road, people," Harrison said, "Start up engines and thrusters, Clear all mornings, and get us clearance from dock control."

"Yes sir, clearing all moorings...." Timmoz said as he swiveled into his chair. His lanky height was somewhat diminished by the fact that he'd pulled his sorbit of frizzy black hair back into a tightly knotted bun. "Yardmaster Starbase 38, this is Adelphi, requesting permission to disembark." Timmoz said with a quick tap. He flicked his fingers against the console and then pulled thumb and ring finger up along a power-up module. Blue lights flickered to life.

"USS Adelphi, this is Starbase 38 Yardmaster. Permission to disembark granted. Good luck out there," came the reply.

"Thrusters online. Impulse drive standing by." Timmoz tapped a key with his pinky to make sure the structural integrity fields were set.

The spacedoors began to open into the starfield beyond. The workbees had begun to move out of the way, and dock with the station. Harrison then looked around the bridge, it was booming with activity, everyone hard at work.

"Thank you. One-quarter impulse, Timmoz," Harrison said to the Helmsman.

Nico looked up and over to the XO seated next to him in shock, "Sir, don't regulations specify thrusters only while in spacedock?" He asked, far too loudly. He realized after he was finished asking the question.

This particular Captain was still a bit of a mystery to Commander Kodak, so there wasn't any knowing wink or smile to indicate that Nico's concerns weren't well-founded. Instead, however, the XO lightly shrugged and replied, "Regulations are usually worth following. But given that we do have a wormhole to catch..." he trailed off, giving the engineer a tepid smile, "sometimes you just have to leave the front door at a half jog." Though the standard LCARS touch-interface was laid out in front of him, Kodak decided to activate the console's holographic controls. They sprang to life in mid-air, offering informational readouts on various parts of the ship and its departments. "Sir," Kodak spoke up, eyes drifting over the information, "all decks report ready for our little ride across the galaxy."

"One quarter impulse..." the Orion acknowledged with only a flip of his hand to another position on his forward console. There too he drew fingers up a power up display, this one yellow.

The turbolift doors parted as Kodak concluded his report, the trademark swish of an opening Starfleet portal signaling the arrival of the ship's counsellor and first contact specialist. As ever, Karim's hair was a non-regulation tangled mess, but his uniform was mercifully crisp and presentable. He offered only the briefest of glances to the majority of the bridge crew, but nodded to both the captain and the XO in their respective seats.

With a few strides, the part-Vulcan made his way to the alcove that hosted Kodak and Nico, standing off to one side with his hands clasped behind his back. "Lieutenant," he inclined his head to one and then the other. "Commander."

The space doors were fast coming at one-quarter impulse. The Orion Lieutenant made a last judgment call as a pre-collision warning chirped on his station. He flicked fingers quickly. The view of the screen rotated with a soft swim and sway: the starboard space door skewed to the top while port drew down on screen toward the bottom. A few chirped taps at his console, and Timmoz completed his first maneuver out of spacedock- he'd banked them ninety degrees to sidle through the incompletely open doors. "We have cleared space doors..." he said.

Harrison tapped at the controls on his armrest, "Excellent work, Lieutenant," he could feel the ship moving as if it were a part of him. the turbolift doors opened, and three junior officers went to the various stations around the bridge. He could hear the soft hum of the engines, the small trilling of the display, along with the beeps and chirps of the stations around him. This was it, he'd finally made it to the moment he had dreamed of since he was a small child. "Alright people, secure your stations, prepare for wormhole travel, helm take us into position to enter the wormhole." He said, adjusting his tunic. "Mr. Nico, how are looking across the board?"

Nico took the Captain's question as an excuse to avoid responding to the Vulcan's salutations. Like the XO next to him, he had his holo system up in front of him, and though he rechecked the systems, he already knew the answer. "All systems nominal, Captain."

Jason started tapping his console getting reports from all the decks and departments as well as sending orders for all decks to secure their stations.

"With style, Lieutenant," Kodak intoned from the rear of the Bridge, loud enough for Timmoz to hear from his place at the front. "Cleared space doors with style," the Commander's smile was evident in his voice. As for Karim, who'd taken up station-keeping so nearby, the Chameloid flicked his golden eyes up at the man and nodded in greeting. Speaking low enough so that only Nico and Karim could reasonably hear, Kodak said, "Welcome to the Bridge, Mister Karim. I assume, since you're here," his expression grew very serious, "that you've actioned our last conversation?" He made eye contact and did not break it, despite the flurry of activity happening around them.

Tov sat at the tactical station, he had the passive sensors up on the console, and once they passed the space doors he turned the active sensors on at a minimal gain. He started a series of low-level diagnostics on the weapons systems, and then nodded, monitoring the sensors silently as the noise of the bridge ebbed and flowed around them.

"Doctor Karim, Commander Kodak," the counsellor softly corrected the first officer, not even looking at the Chameloid or moving in any other way, the volume of his voice matched to Kodak's as his eyes stayed focused on the viewscreen.

"Bearing... 341 mark 312," Timmoz noted in a soft husk, the stars streaking on the view as the ship made a course adjustment to the mouth of the wormhole. "Standing by for event horizon..." he tapped a few keys. It was hard not to note the terse, thick tension at the back of the Bridge, but Timmoz had to focus on what was before him.

Kodak smiled at the title correction. So he did learn something... the Commander thought to himself before looking back to his displays. The mesh of holographic and traditional flat panels around the Bridge was a bit hodgepodge but when it came to refits, that was sometimes unavoidably the case. Rifling through the various holographic interfaces available to him, though, the First Officer found the control he was looking forward and pulled a lever hanging in mid-air. At Karim's feet, a panel silently hissed open from the wall and then began to extend outward, revealing another place to sit -- even if it wasn't the most comfortable. "Glad to have you up here, Doctor. Welcome to the Bridge," he smiled genuinely, putting forth a (perhaps momentary) peace offering.

Karim now looked to the XO, an eyebrow quirking upwards slightly. "Thank you," he replied politely, before claiming the small seat that had appeared and resuming his forward gaze, only briefly breaking the glare to glance at Ensign t'Aenikh at the sciences station.

Even when focusing on keeping others thoughts away, Tov had to deal with stray emotions. The tension in the bridge was causing him tension in his neck muscles, but it was only when the tension released nearly suddenly that he noticed that it had been external, and not just stress over heading up his first department. He glanced over at the counselor, and silently debated setting up an appointment. He knew he needed to get to the bottom of why he had thought it was him, and ignored that tension was coming in from the room. He blinked for a moment, then focused back on his scans, taking a deep breath to help himself regain focus.

Harrison looked behind him to see what was causing the almost unbearable tension in the room, only to lay his eyes on Karim, "Welcome to the Bridge, Doctor. Commander Morris, time until the wormhole opens?" Harrison asked, not noticing until this moment that his fingers had been tapping on the console and that his leg was bouncing. He quickly crossed his legs and set his hands in his lap. Even with his excitement, Harrison was still nervous, this was his first command, and he had an all new crew with him. He wasn't sure how they were going to perform under these conditions. If he was completely honest with himself, he wasn't entirely sure how'd he react either, but it was time to put aside all that now, he had a job to do, and he was going to do it.

"At current speed, five minutes and eleven seconds." Jason responded to the Captain. He had to wipe his hands on his pants leg due how much he was sweating.

Ensign t'Aenikh looked up from her console that she'd been sitting behind quietly and remarked, "Verteron emissions indicate that the wormhole is 90 seconds from aperture appearance. Transition through the wormhole will be possible in 120 seconds."

From the back of the bridge, Counsellor Karim nodded at the ensign with Vulcan approval.

The time was a slow tick, like watching the supposed kettle boil. Timmoz sat back into his chair, feeling the presence of Ops and Tactical behind and to his sides. He waited in relative silence, only glancing up at the countdown. His lips pursed. He considered what to wear on his "date" with Oliveria. Something... slinky, and open. He was broken from the reverie when his panel chirped in unison with Ensign t'Aenikh's.

"We have a verteron burst of 1000% background..." and on the screen a distortion of purple gradually blossomed into first lavender, and then a bathe of purples and whites. "Event Horizon at 67%... and climbing." Timmoz reported. It was a few more seconds before his panel chirped again. he felt a shiver down his back- he'd finally seen what he'd come to several windows to see.

His eyes glanced down at his console. The Mariposa was changing positions. The yawn white-lavender yawn gradually flickered with movement and Timmoz's panel chirped, "Starships Seleya... and... it looks like the Ganymede..." Timmoz turned his chair, "Are coming through. They'll reach the threshold in ten seconds."

"Ship decloaking near the aperture, sir..." Tov called out as an unknown transponder pinged on his scans. His fingers danced lightly on the console, bringing the tactical sensors to bear on the target and getting a firing solution started. "...Lancelot is intercepting." This second part a few moments after the first, as sensors showed the Nebula class ship accelerating for intercept.

Timmoz monitored the situation from his console as well. He shook his head, "Somebody's forgotten the fifteenth Rule of Acquisition," Timmoz rumbled. he looked over his shoulder, "Dead men close no deals." His slender shoulder rose and fell. He muttered sardonically, "But they have the fifty-second down..."

Nico caught his mouth open at the view from the screen and snapped it shut. He had never seen such a sight. This is really what Starfleet was supposed he be about, he thought. Nico could also see Timmoz's mess of hair beyond the captain. "He's a pretty good pilot, eh Commander?" He asked the XO sitting next to him.

"Considering we just took those doors at a ninety degree angle without skimming the paint?" Kodak was smirking openly at the Chief Engineer. "I'd say he's very good." His eyes narrowed then, studying Nico's face as the man stared out at the pilot's mop of dark hair. The First Officer wondered if he was perhaps reading too much into the admiration he heard in Nico's voice but people talked...and maybe they were right? Shrugging to himself, he looked ahead as well, eyes drinking in the mawing mouth of the glowing aperture hanging in space before them. "I've seen the Bajoran wormhole before. It was beautiful but...this is different. We're actually going through this," he mumbled with some admiration of his own. "Mister Tov," the XO spoke up, studying the same sensor data Tov had access to at his own panel. "Just in case there are any other...interlopers," he chose the word carefully, "let's keep eye out for any tachyon emissions that might betray a cloak, hmm?" Of course, with the veritable soup of energy emissions out there, that could be easier said than done...

"Aye sir, the background noise is making that difficult." He made a few alterations on his console. "Looking for tachyons with aberrant directionality, and any pockets where the background radiation is distinctly lower." His hands continued to move around his console as he put action to his words. With the shifting of energy from and toward the wormhole aperture, he was having to alter the sensors every once in a while to match the background radiation.

"Understood Lieutenant," Kodak replied. "Just...keep an eye out as long as you can." Eyes darting back to his mid-air readouts, he cleared his throat slightly and said, "We're up! Time to make the schnitzel, hmm?"

"Agreed," the Captain replied from the center seat. "Helm, take us in." The rotating swell of violet wisps on the viewscreen reflected in his eyes as he gave the order.

The Adelphi glided forward in response, engines firing enough to take them into the wormhole without disrupting the phenomenon. With a brilliant burst of light, the maw of glowing tetryon and veteron particles swallowed the ship whole, replacing the starry blackness of space with the swirling, stratocumulus arms of the vortex. The natural currents and eddies pulled the ship deeper into the nebulous funnel, giving transit across the galaxy in a matter of deep, long breaths versus decades of warp-borne travel. The moments passed in an almost total silence punctuated only by the soft beeping of consoles and some quiet expressions of wonderment from the Bridge crew. And finally, the pregnant promise of the Delta Quadrant beyond became reality as the whispish wormhole gave way once again to a field of shining starbursts.

They'd done it. They'd voluntarily sent themselves to the other side of the galaxy on the hopes of meeting old friends, making new allies, and discovering all the Delta Quadrant was ready to show them. This new crew would surely be tested in the days, weeks, months, and even years to come. But one thing was certain...the Adelphi and her people were ready.

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