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Post 44 - Let's Get Physicals...Physicals!

Posted on Fri May 1st, 2020 @ 7:28am by Captain Björn Kodak & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Grey M.D

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: USS-Adelphi, Sickbay
Timeline: Day 2, 1300 Hours

[Day 2, 1300 Hours]

"I get it. You don't have to convince me," Commander Kodak held up his hands, as if trying to ward off some invisible energy discharge by manifesting a forcefield from his palms. "If you can only spare 23 stellar core fragment probes instead of 25, I'm not going to quibble over a loss of two. But," he lowered his hands as he crossed the threshold from the hallway into Sickbay, "if you happen to find yourself with an unexpected surplus, I'm just saying...we wouldn't mind the extra two."

A low, irritated voice emanated from the Commander's combadge. "I will...see what we can do, Commander Kodak. I'll be in touch soon. Starbase 38 out."

"Much appreciated, Commander," he said, tapping the Starfleet insignia on his chest to close the channel. Eyes roving around Sickbay, he quickly spotted the person he'd come to see. He walked languidly to the transparent panels that separated the Doctor's office from the rest of the medical bay proper. He knocked lightly on the doorframe, poking his head into the open office. "I'll spare you the German equivalent of a knock-knock joke, Doc," the XO smirked. "But if you aren't terribly busy, I'm hoping to get my physical out of the way?"

Elizabeth glanced up from the paperwork she had been working on, having certified her two interns to be able to complete the physicals she had moved onto the mountain of pre-deployment reports, and smiled wearily. Professional courtesy called on senior officers to be seen personally by the Chief Medical Officer.

"Not a problem, XO, let's get you sorted," Elizabeth said, standing up, leading Kodak into the main sickbay ward. "Alright, jump up on that biobed and I'll start to run the scans, but how are you feeling, generally?"

Doing as he was told, the Chameloid hopped up onto the biobed and shrugged at the doctor's question. "Fine enough, I suppose. Bit of a headache but that's par for the course right now, I'd say." His distinctive yellow eyes shifted to the Doctor, "My last physical was from about three months ago on Starbase Sierra 6. I'm sure it's in the files but everything was fine then. No major health changes to report since. Just dotting my i's and crossing my t's," Kodak smiled charmingly in response to being there.

"Yeah, everyone is running on little sleep and little food right now, so a headache isn't unexpected, albeit a little annoying; I could give you a painkiller if you'd like," Elizabeth replied. "I tell you, Commander, I know that I would much rather deal with someone just doing the necessary without complaint than someone making a fuss over it, so I appreciate it!"

"I appreciate the offer," Kodak nodded, "but I don't think it's serious enough to warrant any pain medication yet. Though we'll see how my head is feeling after an afternoon full of meetings," the Executive Officer smirked. As the Doctor continued her scans and such, the Commander decided to engage in a bit of small talk. "Settling in alright? I know life aboard a starship is probably going to be quite different than your previous postings."

"Yes and no, I suspect, my day-to-day duties will be similar, if a little more mundane, to my medical experiance over the last twelve years, and I became familiar with Starfleet paperwork on Starbase 412," Elizabeth replied. "Of course, the unknown of a deep space mission aboard a Starship will bring more... shall we call it excitement than a typical shift, although fortunately, and likely the reason for my assignment here, my training as a trauma surgeon will be useful in the field."

"I've no doubt your skills will be quite in demand," the Chameloid nodded somberly. As the Doctor's instruments beeped and blooped, Kodak looked up and asked, "Things looking alright? I know Chameloid physiology isn't exactly something everyone has encountered before." Coming from a race of beings once thought to be mythical and now only rarely showing up, Kodak knew his biology could be a bit of a mystery at times. "The docs at the Daystrom Institute did a lot of testing on me when I was younger. Should be some good baseline readings to compare against in my files."

"Indeed, your physiology is fascinating, even if I must confess it'll take some research to get my head around it fully," Elizabeth replied honestly. "However, I'm comparing your current readings to the baselines we have on file for you, and everything is looking good so far."

"Well good," Kodak's response was enthusiastic. "I'd hate to have a medical emergency the day before we get on the road. Not the best way to start an adventure," he smirked. "Scans aside, do you need anything else before I get back to wrangling everyone into readiness?"

"Well yes, that wouldn't be the best start to a new deployment now, would it?" Elizabeth agreed with a chuckle. "I think we've got most everything we've asked for, aside from getting me those volunteers we discussed to have a medical up-skill once we're underway, we'll be good to go."

"Message received on that," Kodak nodded quickly. "We'll start with 40% of the crew, spreading people out amongst the decks as you see fit. Once that group is done, we'll look at possibly working the rest of the crew. I know that's more than initially requested," he trailed off, "but it's not a bad idea given where we're headed. Thanks for the check up, Doc," the Commander smiled wide. "Not usually a fan of 'Let's Get Physicals!' time but you made that one easy." With a wink, he was on his way, slipping out of Sickbay and into the hallway beyond.

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