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Post 41 - Professional Courtesy

Posted on Thu Apr 30th, 2020 @ 2:52pm by Lieutenant Commander Karim MD & Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Grey M.D

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: USS Adelphi (Docked at Starbase 38, Barzan System) - Deck 11 - En route to Counsellor's Office
Timeline: MIssion Day 01 - 1800 Hours

[USS Adelphi - Docked at Starbase 38, Barzan System]
[Deck 11 - En route to Counsellor's Office]
[Mission Day 01 - 1800 Hours]

As a general rule, Elizabeth did not like playing mind-games. She hated it in her personal life, and found it incredibly frustrating in her professional life. As a Doctor, she worked under the assumption that her patient's lied, whether that was because of shame, secrecy or some other reason, but patients had a bad habit of lying to their Doctors, often to their detriment. But there was a difference between lying and playing mind-games and she simply could not abide by the latter. As such, after her brief observations of the ship's Chief Counsellor, she had been less than impressed with the demeanour he put forward; it certainly wasn't welcoming to say the least so she assumed that the ship's resident psychiatrist was playing some sort of mind-games based on her own observations and the comments that other's had made during their physicals. As she wasn't tremendously found of Counsellors in the first place, this did little to improve her opinion, but she knew that a good working relationship was essential.

Nevertheless, she was committed she wasn't going to play the mind-games with anyone, and as such, she needed to catch the Counsellor off-guard and set some ground rules. Of course, the fact that this was in itself a mind-game did not escape her, yet one was a necessary evil to avoid a pattern.

Especially given that the relationship between the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Counsellor was an interesting one. Although the Chief Counsellor did not directly report to the CMO, the CMO remained responsible for the health of all crew-members and was the Attending Physician for the entire ship. As a result, the CMO had responsibility and that simply couldn't be ignored. So rather than waiting for the Chief Counsellor to come into her domain, the sickbay, and play his games, Elizabeth had decided to take the initiative, grabbing her medical kit and heading up to the Chief Counsellor's office.

When Counsellor Karim finally appeared at the doorway to his office, there having been a slightly unwelcome delay between Elizabeth sounding the chime and it being answered, he examined the newcomer with cool disinterest.

"Doctor Grey," he welcomed her with an incline of his head. "This is unexpected but not unwelcome." He stepped to one side and gestured into his office, his eyes only briefly glancing over the equipment held by the ship's CMO.

Karim had already begun decorating the room. Whilst the standard inoffensive artwork that was typical to Starfleet vessels decorated a few of the walls, the counsellor had already positioned plants native to Vulcan in the corners, and the soft scent of incense was present in the air. A small table was positioned between a comfortable-looking armchair and a matching chaise-longue. On that table was a half-finished game of kal-toh, a disorganised tangle of metal strips pointing in all directions - not entirely unlike the dark mess of hair adorning the counsellor's head. An actual office area was situated in an adjoining room, but it was not so easily spied from the main area.

Following Elizabeth into the room, he walked past her to a nearby replicator. Unlike the newer Starfleet installations, even the refitted Adelphi did not have the room-wide service available, where mugs could materialise, within an arm's reach.

"Would you care for any refreshment?" He asked, already entering some very specific commands in for his own selection.

Elizabeth glanced around the office as she was shown inside and noted the additions that the Chief Counsellor had already made to his workspace; just as Elizabeth had started to put up what few keepsakes she had brought with her rather than putting into storage back on Earth.

"No, thank you, Lt. Commander," Elizabeth replied with an easy smile.

She turned to look at the man fully.

"Truth be told, I'm here on business; I know you're going to have a great deal of paperwork and pre-deployment preparation," Elizabeth commented. "So I thought I'd come to you to get your physical done, rather than spent the next few days pestering you, call it a professional courtesy."

"It is a professional courtesy," Karim called it, retrieving his newly-materialised drink from the alcove. Although he had not declared to the computer his intended drink, the scented aroma clearly identified it as a Vulcan spiced tea. He took one sip before placing it next to the kal-toh set. "But I am no busier than the other departmental heads would lead you to believe, and my most recent examination was completed on stardate 76007.4 during my posting to Starfleet Medical."

He assumed a suitable position in front of Elizabeth for examination as he spoke, not preventing her from proceeding. "Doctor th'Thylis was the physician that performed the assessment, who was perfectly satisfied with the results. I am therefore led to deduce that you may have an ulterior motive for such conscientious work."

Elizabeth smiled sweetly as she took her medical tricorder out and began running the standard scans.

"Come now, you know as well as I do that Starfleet Regulations require a new physical to be performed upon reporting to a new post, regardless of the amount of time since the last one," Elizabeth replied.

Karim briefly opened his mouth, looking ready to challenge that last comment, but she continued before he could and closed it promptly.

"Aside from anything else, we need to make sure you're not bringing any infectious pathegons aboard the ship, and do you think I'd be running my staff ragged to get everyone done if I could get away with not doing some?" Elizabeth said. "So, whilst I run the scans, how are you feeling? Any aches, pains, anything like that?"

"No," her patient replied flatly, permitting the doctor to proceed with her work unimpeded, even if there was a starkly-raised eyebrow adding some expression to his face. "I have assigned the junior members of staff to the fellows in my department, so that I may focus solely on the senior crew and their kin," he explained, watching Elizabeth directly, rather than the equipment that was now in his face. "My duties extend beyond the psychiatric - I have responsibility for advising Captain Harrison on matters of first contact and diplomatic protocol. It is important that we can be reliant on our junior peers. Of course, many of your colleagues will actually have spent time serving on starships before."

The moment the last word slipped from the counsellor's mouth, a small mewling noise was heard from the adjoining office. Within a second of the high-pitched announcement, its origin presented itself: a small, lithe Terran feline - a black Bengal - came to the doorway and stretched in an exaggerated fashion, recently awoken.

It spied Elizabeth and came over, immediately wrapping itself around her legs and rubbing its whiskers and snout around her ankles.

Karim did not comment, still watching the doctor.

"Indeed, I'm very grateful for the hard work my residents and interns have put in to get through the majority of the crew, as the CMO conventionally handles the senior staff as well as pitching in with the load," Elizabeth replied easily, ignoring the jibe at her lack of Starship experiance, more than confident in her extensive medical background. "Looking okay so far, which is ideal as it gives us a solid, recent baseline if we need it going forwards, which can make all the difference... well now, who is this?"

"That is Kyi'i, Doctor," Karim explained, still not looking at the cat. "He is attempting to deceive you that he is in need of sustenance, but that is misleading. He was... given... to me by my mother some days ago, to join us during our time in the Delta Quadrant. I believe it is her attempt at 'character-building'. She harbours unspoken concerns about my interpersonal relationships and solitude.",

"Well, cats are certainly character-building, but worth the effort if you connect with them," Elizabeth smiled. "Well, Doctor, you're looking all good, and I've got a full medical profile now, so I appreciate the cooperation."

"We are colleagues and reasonable sentient beings," Karim opined, cocking his head slightly and narrowing an eye. "Why would I do anything but co-operate? I would imagine that, during your travails across your new shipboard assignment, you have encountered some criticism of my character and technique. I would hope that, as a fellow medical practitioner, there would be some appreciation for less orthodox methods. One does not make progress by repeating mistakes."

"Doctor, I thank everyone for co-operating with these physicals, they are a necessary, if irritating, evil that I'm grateful to finish," Elizabeth replied wryly. "No matter what I may, or may not, have heard, I prefer to make my own judgements, and keep my own counsel."

Karim seemed to consider that for a moment, eyes glancing downwards for a moment before alighting on Elizabeth once more. "I admire that, Doctor, and exercise a similar philosophy. It is my hope our other colleagues can be similarly led; prey animals so oft fall foul of independently-minded predators." He then looked at the cat pruning itself beside the CMO, having given up or forgotten about its quest for food. "Although there are exceptions to every rule, as some of your kind might say."

"Indeed," Elizabeth agreed, then smiled wryly. "And others would say that rules are made to be broken."

The counsellor nodded to Elizabeth. "A human sentiment I have some admiration for. Thank you for your time, Doctor. It is gratifying to meet another medical professional." He walked over to the doorway, pressing his thumb against its control panel to open the doors. "I will see you in tomorrow's briefing. Good evening."

"Until tomorrow, Doctor," Elizabeth smiled. "You have a good night."

A mission post by

Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Grey, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Adelphi

Lieutenant Commander Karim, MD
Ship's Counsellor & First Contact Specialist
USS Adelphi


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