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Post 32- Za'tahedri Vandmaj (The Alien Captain)

Posted on Sat Apr 25th, 2020 @ 3:09pm by Captain Malcom Harrison & Lieutenant Timmoz
Edited on on Sat Apr 25th, 2020 @ 3:09pm

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD 01

It was time. Timmoz tugged on his tunic top and assured, with a brush of his thumb, that his jawline has clean shaven. It had been a long trip aboard the Vulcan Transport Ronsirat and while he felt less than fresh, Cluros made certain demands on his character. An Orion presented himself to his captain immediately upon setting foot on his ship in the Orion world- and there were consequences if one did not.

Timmoz fixed his satchel strap back into the comfortable groove of his shoulder that allowed the strap to cross his body and put his case on his opposite hip. He could feel it riding against his concealed chukaree which was more comforting than not. He tapped at the request key of the door, hearing the summons chirp inside the Ready Room.

Timmoz fingered some of his tied back curls that had gone errant near his ear. He rounded back along his ear shell and waited.

"Come," Harrison said from behind the closed door, which gave it's customary swoosh when it opened, The man spun around in his chair to face the Orion.

Before the doors had fully parted, the willowy Orion had sidled past. He was a tower of a being, in lime, black and red. But with it came a note of reediness. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Timmoz, requesting permission to come aboard, Tahe... excuse me, Captain." The Orion reached for a pocket and produced his PADD. With a couple of thumb taps, the holographic display sprung to life in LCARS golds. His coffee colored eyes stayed focused on the seated Human.

"Permission Granted, Lieutenant, please, have a seat." Harrison gestured to the chair opposite of his desk, he accepted the PADD tht Timmoz had and switched the holographic display off, switching to a normal view.

The Orion nodded his head, swaying into a seat across from the Human. he let his satchel down off his shoulder, leaning it against the chair's side. For the moment he remained silent, merely crossing his leg over the other.

Harrison corrected his posture in the chair and straightened his tunic, "What brings you out this way, lieutenant? " The Captain asked.

The Orion splayed his fingers out along the run of a lengthy thigh. "Reassigned here, Sir." He replied. "It was time for a change. Qualor II was my last assignment." He raised a brow. Much of his past, he imagined, was in that document and for the Captain's eyes only. But Timmoz decided to give the Captain the salient details so he knew what he was dealing with. "I'm a 407 dash seven. I'm originally from Botchok."

"Botchok?" Harrison said, "That's on the Klingon side of the Former Borderlands, isn't it? It has a very pervasive Syndicate influence if I'm not mistaken."

The Orion youth assented his head once, "Yes, to both. The Klingons don't show their faces very often, except for their yearly dilithium and duranium ore tributes." A sloping shoulder rose and dropped dismissively from Timmoz, "A few here and there on leave, looking for something more than Honor." He laced his fingers, "My birth-mother is Syndicate..." he bobbed his head, "Nominally. But enough."

"Well, we're happy to have you aboard," Malcom said, "I understand you're to be the pilot for our little escapades."

Timmoz nodded his head once again, and couldn't help but grin a toothily cautious smile, "And how often do you get a Flight Controller that knows how to parallel park a starship?" He mused. His time at Qualor II must have involved a lot of setting ships into certain slips to be decommissioned.

"It's a lost art, one that I used to do myself when I was a pilot," Harrison chuckled, "It's been about 14 years, of course, but I like to think I've still got it. I remember my piloting days, I could pull off a B-7 Maneuver in a Galaxy Class starship."

The Orion raised a raven colored eyebrows, "Structural Integrity to maximum... or else you'd tear the saucer right off the neck pylon."

"I almost did, even with the Structural Integrity maxed out." Harrison said, a wide smile on his face, "But I think that's a story for another time, Welcome to the Adelphi, Lieutenant." Malcom then stood up and held out his hand, "You need anything, let myself or Commander Kodak know."

The Orion stood up as well, extended to his fully and reedy height. His green hand clasped the Captain's, "I will," he assured. Timmoz nodded, "See you on the Bridge, Za'tahedri. This life is yours." He said. The Orion picked up his satchel and re-shouldered it. Timmoz didn't go so far as to withdraw his chukaree and demonstrate his willingness to die as was Orion custom- Timmoz had found Humans usually saw the practice as somewhat extreme, even if it was a symbolic gesture. Still it felt strange to Timmoz to walk away from a Captain who had command over him without it.

The Orion nodded his head with that in mind, and took his leave.

Harrison nodded, acknowledging the young lieutenant. He then returned to his reports, as there was still much to be done.

A Mission post by

Captain Malcom Harrison
Commanding Officer
USS Adelphi

Lieutenant JG Timmoz
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Adelphi


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