USS Adelphi


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Post 29- A Moment Alone

Posted on Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 @ 9:56am by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Grey M.D

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: Surgical Suite, USS Adelphi
Timeline: [Mission Day 02 - 0700hrs]

Elizabeth stood alone in the operating room aboard the Adelphi. She was in her duty uniform, rather than scrubs, but she felt very much at home here, as she did in any operating room. She had made it a tradition, of sorts, ever since she had been a surgical intern on Starbase 412, to spend a few moments alone, totally alone, in OR and to consider everything that she had done to get to this point, and why she had chosen to be a surgeon in the first place. Over the years what she had done had changed; as a surgical intern she had recalled her professional training at the Starfleet Medical Academy, then her internship, residency and now her fellowship; years of training that made her a highly-trained professional in her field. It was in this room, when she was not operating in the field as a result of her specialisation, that she would put all those years of training to good use; to save a life. Of course, her role was to, essentially, take the operating room to the patient who had suffered major trauma. Odds of survival skyrocketed the moment a patient made it to a medical facility or, more specifically, the hands of a trained surgeon.

So her job was to ensure that happened sooner, and on an operational Starship like the Adelphi that could mean a great variety of potential traumas, from combat to accidents. Of course, by her specialisation she was giving up, in some respects, the much-needed sense of total control that a Surgeon enjoyed in her OR; for all surgeons are control freaks, wanting to control every aspect of the environment in which they’re working to save their patient. Within an OR they were in total control; outside they were just human and control was very hard to come by in the ‘real world’.

Here at least she could assert that control that every surgeon sought.

She knew that she was embarking upon the biggest challenge of her life, and her professional career; moving from over a decade of experience in, largely, a hospital environment, with small excursions into the field on major disasters, to a starship environment where fieldwork was far more likely and the predictability, in some respects, of a hospital environment. However, she knew that she was a damned good surgeon, and had a knack for trauma which was part of what had prompted her choice of specialisation in the first place. For all her negative mental attitude, and tendency to self-destructive coping techniques, when she was working she was focused and all-business, and it was obvious that she was going to need that.

So she took one last look around the OR before taking a deep breath, squaring her shoulders and making her way towards the door.

Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Grey, M.D. F.F.C.S
Chief Medical Officer, U.S.S. Adelphi


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