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Post 40 - Commander Morris Had A Great Fall

Posted on Thu Apr 30th, 2020 @ 4:43am by Lieutenant Nico Oliveria & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: MD3

Jason was standing on Deck 6 at HHolodeck 2, he was tempted to go inside and get himself a drink, but he also didn't want to be playing a game of risk. "Get this finished today, and then I only have a half-million more things," he grumbled to himself while staring at his PADD.

Nico bounded around the bend at a cantor and barely stopped short of the door with a massive smile on his face, "Hey, Hey Lieutenant Commander, Sir. I hope you're having a wonderful day. I know I sure am." He was practically bouncing on his heels in such a good mood.

"Dear lord," Jason said under his breath. "Hello Lieutenant, I'm doing okay today. How are you?" Jason looked at the bouncing man. "

"Oh, I'm super!" Nico explained, appearing to have not noticed Morris's remark, clapping the other man on the shoulder, "How about we get this holodeck back to tiptop condition. eh?" Not waiting for a response, Nico flashed a grin and darted inside the room.

Jason shook his head and followed Nico in, "There was a report of it not making the proper sim, and the safety settings being turned off randomly. Anything else wasn't stated." Jason told Nico. "Call me Jason, by the way."

Nico looked back at the talking Operations Chief, "Sure thing Jason and you can call me Nico." Arriving at the control panel, he pried it off the call. "Let's see what we have here. Why don't you start a diagnostic, Jason?

Jason walked to another panel and started tapping in commands to begin a diagnostic of the holodeck. "So Nico, how long have you been in Starfleet?" Jason asked as he began the diagnostic.

"Oh, me?" Nico asked even though there couldn't be anyone else the other man was asking about, "A bit over four years. This will be my first stint as Chief Engineer, so I'm pretty stoked, and I'm looking forward to getting out into the DQ. How about you?" Nico ripped out a small chip of some kind and began scanning it with his tricorder.

Jason was reading the screen as it was going through its diagnostic. "I've been a Starfleet officer for fifteen years. This will be my first assignment as Chief Ops or Second Officer. I'm looking forward to exploring all those new cultures that we only got to read about." Jason replied to Nico. "What will you miss most while we are gone?" Jason asked.

"Abby, my sister," Nico replied without hesitation. "We've never been this far apart or out of range of near-instant communication." He paused and hesitated, "Yea, I hope I'm ready for the DQ. I'm excited, but still nervous." Pushing the chip back into its slot, he removed another one. "Well, it wasn't that one."

"You know you can bring family with you if they want to come. You have met Alex." Jason responded to Nico. "The Diagnostic finished looks like there's a problem here." he started the next diagnostic.

Nico laughed at the thought of dragging Abby along, "Abby is my, more successful and smarter, twin. I doubt her Captain would let me drag her off somewhere. Plus, she would probably hurt me in numerous incalculable ways." Nico glanced at the console to see where 'here' was, "Ah, ok makes sense." Pushing the chip he had out, back in, he moved over and removed another to scan.

Jason smiled at that though, "Your plenty smart, not everyone gets department head in four years, the way you're going you will become admiral while I'm on my first command." Jason turned around to walk towards another panel near the rear of the room. "Are you having a good time here onboard? Have you met any interesting new people?" Jason asked.

Nico chuckled, "I don't think I'll ever be an admiral. I don't think I'll really ever want to be one anyway. I probably snagged this assignment because I've only served on Ambassador class ships. I Figure, they wanted someone familiar with the ship class since we will be out of touch." He paused, replacing another chip, "Yea, I've met some interesting new people." He didn't mention any names, but he had a grin on his face thinking of Adelphi's only Orion crewmember.

"Well that's good, we should all meet at least one person on any assign..." Jason stopped speaking abruptly as the holodeck started taking shape around him. At first, it was a green field with flowers all around him. "Well, now you can get a hint of whats going on."

Nico looked at the chip in his hand as the holodeck began to activate. "Well, that's not supposed to happen.

The scene around Jason changed again. He was standing on a sandbank near a beach. Jason began moving towards an area of the holodeck that wasn't changing scenes when the scene changed again to a cliff right as he took the step off. Jason made no sound during his thirty-foot drop, impacting with the ground he heard a couple of cracks and felt a sharp pain in his left leg and arm.

"Oh shit!" Nico yelled as Jason fell. Shoving the chip back into its slot caused the simulation to disappear.

Still, in a state of shock, he lay where he stopped rolling, trying to figure out what had just happened to him.

Nico kneeled down over the Lt. Commander, "Hey, you're going to be fine. Dr. Grey will put you back together as good as new." Tapping his combadge, "Medical emergency to Holodeck 2."

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