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Post 37 - Dinner and a Concussion

Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2020 @ 10:13pm by Lieutenant Nico Oliveria & Lieutenant Timmoz

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: Escape Pod 37-Iota

Nico was having a pretty awesome day so far. Most of the needed repairs had been completed, and it looked like the ship would launch on time. With all of the prep for launch winding down, Nico figured he would take a look around the parts of the ship he hadn't seen yet. If he ran into Lt. Timmoz, so much the better, which was all but guaranteed since he had just asked the computer where the Lt. was. It wasn't at all that surprising when he rounded a corner to find the hatch of an escape pod open. He couldn't the face of the person leaning inside, but he could see their green hand.

"Hey there, Timmoz, fancy meeting you here," said Nico jovially as he leaned his head over to look into the open door. "Whatcha doing to the escape pods?"

Timmoz looked over his shoulder and smiled at Nico, "You found me. Now you hide and I'll come seek you." The Orion teased, turning back to his duty. He tapped at a holodisplay and then set it on the first of the row of seats. "Isn't that how that child game works?" He asked with a quick glance over his shoulder.

"Mhm," was Nico's audible response with a devilish grin. I bet we could adult it up a bit, he said to himself.

Timmoz squatted down to get back to work, his back to the Human, and fumbled under the first left seat. Something detached with a click, "Commander Morris wants a full check and re-inventory of the escape pods before we leave Barzan space," he said again. With a grunt, he stopped and fished into a pocket. He pulled a band of some type out and spanned his fingers with it. Then he started to gather his frizzy curls, readying to tie it back. "What're you doing in my neck of the jungle?"

Nico felt his pulse quicken slightly when Timmoz went back to work, but the engineer in him was also wondering what he was fishing around for in there. "Oh," Nico started back to reality by the Orion and his untidy curls. "I'm coming off duty and decided to take a walk around the ship. Just happened upon you purely by chance." Pausing with an impish grin, "after I asked the computer where you were."

Timmoz's hair bunched into a frizzy knot near the top slop of his head, he went back to work. He pulled a medical kit with an old fashioned, 2360's-era Starfleet Medical emblem on it. He smirked at that, "Keepsake to match your toolkit?" He said, looking back at the Human. He smirked at him, eyes lingering, "Stalking me now huh." He husked. "Well at least this time my stalker's not Chalnothi in heat." He clicked his tongue, "That was awkward..."

Timmoz pivoted and sat upon the object of Nico's initial interest. With his legs butterflied, he raised one knee and rested his elbow on it. "Come on in. There's room for ten. I think it can handle one more."

Nico grinned and slid into the open hatch, and scooched around Timmoz to sit opposite of him. He found the seat hard and cold, but he was quite warm as his eyes locked onto Timmoz. "Stalker implies nefarious intent, right?" Coyly, "Surely you don't suspect me of having any nefarious appetites, do you, Lieutenant?"

The Orion raised his brow while he halfheartedly popped the medical kit open and started to sort the supplies. He reached for his holographic display and tapped several things in. "Usually I'm the one assumed to be nefarious, on account of what I am." He smiled, "But I know nefarious when I hear it, Sir." He looked away and tossed a protein bar to the Human, "Have a treat. It's not Lhoatat but it has all the nutrients you need for the next three days in a time-release formula."

Nico wrinkled his nose as he caught the protein bar, "Yes, a marvel of modern engineering and food science." Scrutinizing the package, he exclaimed, "Hey, this bar is older than I am!" Placing the bar down next to him with a chuckle, "Now if you have a nice dark chocolate bar hidden in there, preferably one not over 20 years old, I'd be down, and which one is Lhoatat again?" He asked, mangling the word.

The Orion too sniffed the protein bar, wrinkled his nose and cast it into a pile of discard, "I'm allergic to chocolate," Timmoz said, "Most Orions are. Has some strange side-effects." Timmoz sighed neutrally and brought up both his legs to lean his elbows on. "Lhoatat. Our version of coffee. The one the Federation replicators can't make a decent mug of even if they had a spiral wave disruptor to their forehead." He smirked, "I bought the paste for it on Vondem after I left Botchok." Timmoz bemusedly sneered, "Even the Vondemese take on it isn't right." He chuckled, "No wonder we call them Vondemi."

"What's the appeal of chocolate anyway?"

"Well, some people really freak out over it, but I'm actually more of a savory person." Nico coyly pursed his lips, "That isn't to see I'm not sweet. But if I do each chocolate, it's very dark and very complex and not at all sweet. So I don't understand the appeal of milk chocolates or most sweets, beyond a few nostalgic foods, but dark chocolates can provide very unique flavor profiles. Perhaps that's what I enjoy the most."

Timmoz hadn't been aware that there were multiple types of chocolate. It sounded like Nico was describing such: milk chocolate, sweet chocolate, dark chocolate." He leaned back against the seat he sat in front of and listened. He used his boot to close the medical kit he'd been cataloging. It needed replacement anyway.

Nico finished his chocolate shpiel and chuckled, "Oh yea, Lhoatat, it's the caffeinated meat past." Looking slightly ill, he continued, "I ordered a cup from the replicator after our last talk. The flavor was unique and complex, and I thought I would never get the taste out of my mouth. I mean, it really stays with you. I tried everything Human I could think of, but finally." Leaning back in his chair, he smirked, "I tried something, Orion, again. That Meridor stuff you mentioned. Now that was a funky drink, but it replaced the Lhoatat immediately." Pursing his lips for a moment, "So have you ever enjoyed anything...human?"

Timmoz chuckled. "You didn't try it with something else Orion then." He teased, "Meridor is Gorn." He grinned, "And do you ever hear of the Gorn eating anything that wasn't once meat?" He shrugged with one shoulder, bemused by the Human's curiosity. When the question swivel, Timmoz opened his mouth but he couldn't commit to what exact he wanted to say. "Human food... is fine." Timmoz considered how to answer, "Steak is good... steak. Steak, am I saying that correctly?"

Nico's chest fell a bit when we realized Meridor wasn't actually Orion. I guess they just trade the stuff, and I'm just another human who doesn't know anything about other cultures, Nico berated himself internally. "Yea steak, and it's good. There are different cuts and species, but yea basically just thick pieces of meat usually." He smiled weakly and made a mental note to do a better job of learning about Orions. He really liked Timmoz, and it was important for Nico not to ignore his culture. You didn't exactly pick the easiest person to try and form your first relationship with, did you, Nico, he asked himself.

Timmoz shifted a seat closer to the Human and reached under it. He pulled the emergency rations underneath from its housing. "So what is your favorite food?" He asked, undaunted. The Human was trying and Timmoz would try as well, "Perhaps I will give it a try... since chocolate makes me itch." He opened the rations back and wrinkled his nose, "More nutrient bars." He started checked their dates. Then he reached for his PADD and sent a requisition for newer feed stock. "We have the Vulcans to thank for those...."

Nico smiled broadly, "I'll have to think about that honestly. I'm not sure I have a single favorite. It's definitely not Vulcan food. "He laughed at the thought of Vulcans cooking with any spice. "Too bad Karim is part Bajorian, or I might be tempted to alter the plomeek soup recipe." He switched gears back to his favorite food. It was a failing his to just hop from topic to topic. "Perhaps I'll cook something for," He paused a pensively. "The both of us? You know, like a date, maybe? Not that it has to be a date, and I promise I'll make sure it will not be anything that will cause an allergic creation." His mouth snapped shut with a snap as he realized he was rambling. He was just happy he hadn't offended the Orion. He shrugged sheepishly.

An impish light shone in Timmoz's eye, "Throw a little hasperat brine in his plomeek broth and see what he thinks." Tucking his lips together, the Orion slowly bobbing his head, "That sounds... sounds nice, Nico." He was a little nervous only because he wasn't sure what Nico would cook. "A date, hmm." He smiled, "That's... a strangely Human idea that I think a lot of the Quadrant has taken on." The Orion closed the rations case, planted his feet and rested his elbows on his knees. He playfully swatted at Nico's foot. "If I remember my Human courting, a date is supposed to go with a movie. Do you like cowboy movies?"

Nico was over the moon, and the playful swat had managed to make him downright giddy. "Dinner and a movie it is! Cowboy movies?" He paused, thinking then snapping his fingers. He jumped to his feet, causing his head to intercept the ceiling of the small craft and be propelled back into his seat, "Oof." Shaking his head, he rubbed the spot with his hand. "I know just the movie," he said, still rubbing his head.

Timmoz was surprised by the violent thrust of Nico's act, both propelling up and then hitting his head on the low ceiling. "Careful." Timmoz raised his brows, "The contents of that thing on top of your neck are supposed to keep this ship from falling apart despite its age." He chuckled. "If you know the movie and have the menu planned I suppose I just... show up?" Timmoz asked, fishing for a time. "About when?"

Nico considered saying tonight, but he knew they would be busy, and tomorrow they would be equally busy with them arriving in the DQ. Plus, he needed time to do some research, "How about 1900 hours the day after tomorrow?" His mind was already racing, thinking of what he would make, but he also might stop by sickbay to make sure his head was ok.

Timmoz assented his head, "1900 hours, your quarters." He shuffled, moving to stack the expired ration pack with the other he'd pulled from the undercarriage. "I'll be there." He smiled.

"It's a date," Nico said as he moved to leave. "I should let you get back to work, and maybe I should get my head checked?" he laughed, rubbing his head again.

From his seat on the floor, Timmoz watched with a bemused look, "I'd check it for you, but I'm not qualified. Grey can fix you up." His smiled broadened, "And if you are very nice to her, maybe she can cut you down a few centimeters so you'll just fit." He looked around, "It's a pod meant for someone about the size of the Evora. Not that there are many in Starfleet."

Nico chuckled, "I think I'm short enough already, Timmoz. Besides." Nico started as he bent over and started for the exit, "If I were shorter, you wouldn't get to enjoy the view of my departure nearly as much."

Timmoz raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think that's the view I like the most?" Timmoz blinked, turning a bar of nutrient paste end over in between his fingers, "I'm a chest, shoulders and arms person." He smiled at that and dropped the bar into the discard, "So you know."

Nico turned as he exited the craft and looked back in smiling, "I didn't say it was your favorite view now did I? However, for the benefit of fostering amity." With a wink, "I'm a neck, eyes, hands guy."

"Luck you," Timmoz smiled around some kind of thought in his head. He glanced away and shut one of the containers, "I happen to have some of all three." His smile quirked at the corner, "Feel free to enjoy them on the way out." His gaze shot to Nico, "Without hitting your head this time."

Nico rubbed his head again, mussing his hair, "I better go find Dr. Grey." Still smiling as he walked away, "I've enjoyed them since our first collision."

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