USS Adelphi


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Post 28 Bed rest

Posted on Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 @ 5:55am by Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Alex Morris

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: Senior Officers Quarters
Timeline: Day 2 - 0615 Hours

Jason carried Alex into their room and into Alex's room, setting him down on the bed. "Your lucky you didn't hurt yourself worse then you did." Jason sat down next to him. "You've grounded for a week no holodeck," Jason said patting Alex's head.

"Dad, I don't need to be grounded I'm already on bed rest." Alex tried to reason with Jason.

"No, your bed rest is for a week, your grounded for another week after that," Jason told him. "Now stay here while I get you something to drink, eat and a change of clothes," Jason said getting up.

Alex grumbled as he rolled over onto his back and grabbed his baseball and started tossing it in the air.

Jason came back into the room with a tray, on the tray was a shepherds pie and two glasses one with milk the other with water. Jason walked over to Alex's desk and put the tray down on it. "Eat." his one-word command to Alex as he walked towards the dresser near-by to get Alex his PJs.

Jason came back with the Pajamas in one hand laying them on the bed.

Alex was about to start taking his clothes off to change when Jason picked him up and sat him back down at the desk where he placed the food. "Eat," Jason ordered Alex who began to dutifully eat.

Jason sat down on the bed waiting for Alex to finish. "I have a shift starting soon so I'll be gone for a few hours. When I come back you better still be in bed." Jason frowned at Alex's back, how did he go weeks without seeing his own son's injury he was a trained investigator and so clearly missed something huge.

When Alex finished eating he started to stand only to be stopped by his dad again as he was picked up and placed on the bed. "Dad, you don't have to carry me all over the ship," Alex commented. "I can get around even while hurt."

Jason just looked at Alex until he began taking off his clothes to put the PJ's on, as each piece was discarded Jason picked them up until Alex was changed. "Sleep," Jason ordered as he went to drop the clothes in the bin and leave the room. " I love you, Alex," Jason whispered into the room as he left.

"I love you too dad," Alex whispered back to the empty room.


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