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Post 33 - A Happy Acquaintance

Posted on Sat Apr 25th, 2020 @ 6:09pm by Captain Björn Kodak & Ensign Jack Paxton & Lieutenant JG Tovan Astril

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: Security Offices
Timeline: Day 1 - Midday

[Security Offices]
[Day 1 - Midday, before Morris' meeting]

Commander Kodak had been making the rounds all day. Starting on the Bridge and making his way down, introductions had taken him all the way to lunch and then some. After a brief stop in the Officer's Mess for an apple and a turkey schnitzel sandwich -- a favorite noontime meal stemming back to his childhood in Germany on Earth -- the First Officer had returned to his office for a bit, wolfing down his lunch at his desk while he worked on a few things. But once lunch was out of the way, Kodak was clear to continue making his rounds. One foot in front of the other eventually brought him to the Security Offices, where the computer had indicated the Adelphi's new Chief of Security was to be found. The Chameloid also hoped to catch up with the new assistant chief as well, who'd be heading up the ship's Hazard Team. But it was a busy day -- for all he knew without checking again, both men might have already left on rounds of their own.

Stepping through the swishing double doors, the Commander smiled at the person manning the front desk. "I'm looking for Lieutenants Paxton and Astril. Any chance they're in?" His yellow eyes drifted toward the doors of other rooms connected to the anteroom, wondering which ones might hold the people he was hoping to introduce himself to.

Tov sat at his desk, typing away on his console. His duties as assistant chief of security and tactical meant that he handled the duty rosters and day to day affairs of the departments personnel, working in tandem with the Chief. Crossing this with his Hazard team leadership, meant that there was a large amount of what was colloquially called paperwork to do. He was making sure that he had at least one hazard team member on every shift, as primary tactical support for any issues that happened. This made it interesting to have full team training exercises, so he was fixing the schedule to have the Alpha shift on the third day of each week with all Hazard team members off, and the Beta shift on the sixth day of each week with the same members running drills. This made it so the hazard team members were always switching shifts, but Tov thought that was to the good, so they all had familiarity with various members of the security and tactical teams on each shift.

'Lieutenant Astril, Commander Kodak to see you and Lieutenant Paxton." The comm on his console let him know. He tapped the reply button.

"On my way." He replied and blanked his screen.

Tov stood and walked from his office to the Chief's office and knocked. "XO to see us."

He assumed Jack had been paged as well, but Tov felt it was better to be sure. He stepped from the back offices into the front of the department and smiled warmly as he walked up to the Commander.

"Lieutenant Astril, sir. Pleasure to meet you." He tamped down on the instinct to apologize for not coming to see the XO personally. He'd chosen, instead, to get down to work once he got aboard.

"A happy acquaintance," the Commander smiled, extending a hand in greeting. "I've read some pretty fantastic things in your file, Mr. Astril. The life of a Hazard Team member is rarely uneventful, it seems. I'm guessing the Delta Quadrant will certainly have your unit quite busy. Though obviously," Kodak intoned with a little pinch of mirth, "we'll do our best to avoid trouble where we can. Any particular challenges you're anticipating?"

Tov smiled and nodded. "You are right on that one, sir. It seems that something requiring a hazard team happens every week. As for the Delta Quadrant, I've got briefings to my team for all of the major species we could encounter that we know about. The ones that would worry me the most are the Voth, the disparity in levels of technology from the reports I have is quite wide."

"The Voth," Kodak nodded somberly. "I fully admit, I'm a bit concerned there, too. But I believe we represent the best the Federation has to offer the galaxy at large. Maybe it won't be our technology that wins the day but, instead," a smile grew again, "it'll be our culture and a sharing of ideals. At least," he chuckled, "so we hope. But obviously we want to prepare if that isn't the case. And we appreciate that you're doing so, Mr. Avril."

The Executive Officer looked around the office suite, noticing desks in various states of unpack. "Looks like my office," Kodak smirked. "Only you folks are farther along in your unpacking. I'm jealous," the man's eyes gleamed with a teensy bit of joviality. "Settling in OK down here, Lieutenant?" he asked, making conversation while waiting for the Chief to become available.

Tov nodded to the Chief of Security as he walked up, and remained silent as he answered the question the XO had posed. Instead of answering, he merely nodded, letting his face fall into a cheerful neutrality.

"Yes, sir, this ship is amazing." The Lieutenant replied. "What did you want to see us for, Commander?"

"I wanted to introduce myself," the XO explained. "I know we're all quite busy prepping to leave through the wormhole but felt it was important to get to know some of the staff before we do. Commander Björn Kodak," he offered his name to both men. "I know that Commander Morris will be meeting with you later today to gather information around your departmental readiness and needs. But," the Chameloid smiled, "on a personal note, if there's anything I can do to help you settle in here, just let me know. I'm happy to help."

"I suppose I should introduce myself as well. Lieutenant Paxton, at your service," the Chief of Security said.

"A pleasure to meet you as well, Mister Paxton," the First Officer nodded. Sensing the hustle and bustle of the security offices heightening, the Commander decided he didn't want to intrude on daily operations more than he already had. "Well, I can tell you're all very busy down here, so I'll get out of your collective hair," he chuckled. "But I do look forward to working with you both in the days ahead," Kodak offered one last parting smile. "Commander Morris will be conducting a readiness meeting later today...if you need anything, let him know and we'll coordinate as best we can before shipping out. Thanks for making the time, gentlemen," the XO nodded once again before taking his leave.

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