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Post 23: What a Flight Controller Wants

Posted on Mon Apr 20th, 2020 @ 4:41pm by Lieutenant Timmoz & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris
Edited on on Mon Apr 20th, 2020 @ 4:42pm

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: Starboard Warp Nacelle
Timeline: Mission Day 1: 1500 Hours

Jason's second to last stop was the flight controller, locating him was a bit of a hunt by a determined father can do a lot.

The second officer and father ultimately had found Timmoz in a rather unlikely place: he was walking the deactivated warp coils of the starboard warp nacelle. In his hand, he had a holographic display and was flicking through schematics, trying to help Engineer Oliveria track down the anomaly that was creating a minor disruption in the gamma and theta groups of warp coils. So far, Timmoz had not found a common coils, which had two whole group of warp coils separating them. They weren't normally even powered by the same EPS taps.

The problem could have been further in, but why weren't the delta and zeta groups equally affected? It was a mystery that Timmoz was chewing on as his slender, booted feet stepped between each of the ribs of the warp coils. He heard the hatch hiss open and saw a head pop up from it. "Careful," he warned. "Delta and theta group are still active."

When Timmoz set eyes on him, he realized the form nearly matched his for height, save that the Human had a good twenty-odd kilograms on the Orion.

"Lieutenant, what are you doing here," Jason replied to Timmoz as he pulled himself into the nacelle, "I need that list on what you will need."

Timmoz raised a raven eyebrow on his olive head even as he studied the schematic hologram before him. It bathed his face in white and yellow, "Well at the moment, Sir, I'm trying to give Oliveria and his engineers a little break. We're trying to track down this anomaly in the warp field," he said, his eyes only briefly flitting to the man. "Automated diagnostics haven't nailed it down, so I'm doing it in person." He swiped at his hologram. "And Shakal-tzu, is it frustrating. It doesn't make any sense."

With a furrow of his brows, the Orion squatted down. "How's your warp field theory knowledge?"

Jason nodded as he moved carefully closer to Timmoz, "I'd need a crash course to understand anything over the basic. Is this anomaly dangerous?" he asked in response.

"I think that depends on your definition," the Orion said, closing the distance as well. He stepped over a coil and squatted down again to initiate a scan. "If we were hopping starbases in Federation space, no. Which is what these things ought to be doing by now," he said, referring to most Ambassador classes. "But going through a wormhole into unknown space, with not much support?" He tilted his head, "Could be a problem and could be nothing."

"That is not much of a comfort, I'll get the starbase engineers to come aboard and help," Jason replied. "Now the list."

"Yes, your list," Timmoz said while he closed his hologram with a pinch. He sighed a casual sigh that belied the terseness that he felt inside. Timmoz neither liked leaving mysteries unresolved, or relying on others to finish what he'd started. "Alright." The Orion used his sleeve to swipe at his brow and then his lips and chin- warp nacelles were notoriously warm, even for a tropical species like Timmoz's. "The shuttlebay is largely operational and ready to go. Their diagnostics checked out. Oliveria and I worked through some issues with the Houlihan and the Yamato. They have full complements of weapons, probes and deuterium. Dilithium," he shrugged with a gesture of a couple fingers, "Are fine."

The Orion brought himself up to full height and stepped over the warp coil he'd scanned, "Excuse me Sir," he said as he moved by. "The Shuttlebay Deck Officer is supposed to get me diagnostics on their systems' new interfaces. But we aren't expecting any problems. "I would like to see ration packs and nutrient bars stashed on the shuttlecraft. In the event that we need to conserve power aboard them as well. I didn't see any, unless they were stowed where they aren't supposed to be." The Orion squatted again, looking up at the tall blonde.

"As for escape craft, I haven't even seen a recent report there. The last test on record I was able to find was over fourteen months ago." He shrugged, "And they passed which is why, I assume, they haven't tested them again." He flipped open his scanner again, "As for the Bridge station, it's fine. I reported some sluggishness in some of the thruster systems to the Lieutenant and he had a crewmen up there inside of an hour." Timmoz scanned visually the beam and arch of the warp coil he sat near, then glanced at the officer.

"I will get you more ration packs than you will know what to do with," Jason replied to Timmoz. "I'd like you to double-check that thruster before we leave and I want you to check the escape craft." He said.

The Orion fought and won the battle to not look like the Commander had just struck him across the face- checking seventy escape craft would take a long, long time. He flicked at his holo-image screen and set it to scan the next warp coil, "I'll have to pull personnel from elsewhere. But we'll get it done." For a moment, he felt the twinge of Zakdornian too-high expectation rearing his Orion passions. He pushed it down and smiled at the Human.

"Thank you, Lieutenant, I know its a lot more to put on you but I'd rather we be prepared first instead of surprised later," Jason said turning around. "Lieutenant," Jason said stopping with one leg outside of the nacelle. "Think of it as more time to spend with a certain officer from engineering." Jason stepped out of the nacelle leaving the Timmoz alone.

Still squatted down, Timmoz rubbed the side of his nose with a sigh, now that he was alone. "Tu xoquaan booska...." he muttered in his language, shaking his head about the conundrum. He stood and tugged on his uniform top. His mind resisted turning to the new tasks on his hands- checking seventy escape pods for rations, deuterium, life support, medical supplies and working ejector systems. He tapped his commbadge, "Computer, schedule a Flight Control meeting in Shuttlebay One in one hour. Attendance mandatory." He tapped his badge off.

The warp field anomaly would have to wait.

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