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Post 27 Hunting down a Lieutenant

Posted on Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 @ 5:32am by Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Lieutenant Nico Oliveria
Edited on on Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 @ 5:33am

Mission: Prologue: Back In Action
Location: USS Adelphia
Timeline: Day 2 - 1145 Hours

Jason walked into engineering on a mission, and that mission was to get his list and get back to Alex as fast as possible. He walked up to the nearest officer, "Where is Lieutenant Oliveria." Jason asked her.

The young officer was busy wrapping up a diagnostic when she was startled by the Lt. Commander, which meant he was the Chief Operations Officer, "Sorry Commander Morris, you just missed him on the turbolift. One of the botanists called him to the Arboretum due to an environmental emergency."

Without another word, Jason turned around and strode towards the turbolift, walking into it. "Deck 8," he almost growled. The doors closed, and the turbolift began to more. Stopping at deck 8, Jason walked out of the turbo left and turned right, heading towards the Arboretum. He marched into the lab and looked around for Nico.

A Bolian, holding some sort of fern, was walking by and could see the Lieutenant Commander was looking for someone, "Can I help you find something, sir?"

"Oliveria, where?" Jason said, walking up to the Bolian.

Is the Bolian noticed the Lieutenant Commander's curtness, It wasn't noticeable on his face which had curved into a massive smile upon hearing the name of the Chief Engineer, "Nico? Oh, isn't he just the best? We had a huge environmental issue and nearly lost the entire arboretum, but he fixed in a snap. Such a nice fellow."

"Where is he?" Jason repeated to the Bolian. He didn't want to spend all week looking for the Lieutenant.

"Oh right," The Bolian said his head. "Where is my head today? You did ask that first, didn't you? He just left I'm afraid said he had to get up to the bridge to give someone a list of some sort. I think he said his name was Jay...Jason, that's it! So if you find Jason, you should find him." The Bolian didn't wait for a response as he continued on his way happy to have helped the Lieutenant Commander. I should have asked his name; the man thought as he continued down the path of trees.

Jason turned again and headed towards the turbolift, entering in it, he growled, "Bridge." Waiting for the doors to open and see the handsome, overly happy face of Nico.

Instead, Jason got the smiling face of his relief operations officer, "Hey Commander, you know you just missed Lt. Oliveria? He was looking for you, I offered to take his list, but he said he needed to discuss something with you about his requests. He said he would be in Main Engineering for a little bit, but that he was making the rounds working on repairs."

Jason's left eye began to twitch. "If he comes back before I find him hold him here. Get a rope and tie him up if you must." Jason said over his shoulder as he entered into the turbolift. "Engineering," The doors closed, and the turbolift dropped flying towards engineering. The turbolift stopped, and Jason came storming out into Engineering. "Where," Jason stated.

The same officer he had bumped into previously was equally as startled during this visit, "Commander sir, the Chief isn't here, but he left word that he would be in the starboard nacelle taking a look at an anomaly Lieutenant Timmoz reported. You can reach the nacelle by heading through that door and then climbing the several hundred rungs..." She trailed off, noticing the twitching left eye. She had no way to know that Jason had climbed those rungs already today when looking for Lt. Timmoz.

Jason just stared at her for a minute then began walking through engineering and started climbing into the nacelle. Jason's head poked up, into that same nacelle that he was in earlier, looking for Nico. "Lieutenant, you best be in here," Jason called aloud.

Nico had scanner out waving it over a series of warp coils, trying to find the source of their anomalous readings, when he heard his name. Looking up, he smiled, "Hey, Commander! You didn't have to come all the way up here. I would have come to you."

Jason pulled himself up into the nacelle. "I've been all over this ship looking for you," Jason said, making his way towards Nico.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Nico said, powering off his scanner. "You should have called I would've run right over." He applied one of his trademark smiles that Abby said he used as a crutch to get out of trouble, but they usually worked. "Well, in the end, you found me. I hope you find it was worth it."

"I never had the chance every time I showed up somewhere I missed you by seconds, apparently," Jason replied. "I thought you had more staff to fix things for you." Jason wondered to himself if Nico wasn't flirting with him.

"My Moms," He had three overall. "Would always say if you can't do something yourself, it isn't worth doing. I take that to mean that I should do something at least once on my starship. Even if that means occasionally, I have to, eh, engolir sapos, swallow frogs." Nico never learned an abundance of Portuguese beyond what his biological mothers spoke, but he found it useful from time to time.

"Commendable, I guess, in your time running around swallowing things, did you finish the list I asked for?" Jason said leaning on the nacelle next to him

"The list?" Nico asked, acting confused before smiling again. "Oh yeah, here you go." He said as he handed him, he PADD. "The only thing I wanted to call out is these warp field nodes can't be replicated, so getting a few of those would be awesome."

Jason looked down his nose at the smiling man and couldn't help but let his mind wander just a bit. Closing his eyes and shaking his head a bit, he responded. "Spare warp field nodes, I talked to Timmoz earlier. I'm going to request a team of specialists from the station, any particular field that would be helpful?" Jason said with his eyes still closed.

Niko shook his head, "Nah, I'm a warp field specialist, so we shouldn't need anyone. I think I've corrected the issue, but some extra warp field nodes would be super." Clapping the larger Lieutenant Commander on the shoulder, he chuckled before heading for the hatch. "Thanks again for coming all the way up there. Hit the lights on your way out, please."

"Wait a minute, I need you to add a job to your list." Jason turned around to catch him. " I nee... I'm sure Timmoz told you about the thruster issue he had." Jason stumbled to cover what he was about to say. "It's not critically important, but the holodecks aren't running properly. They have a memory error somewhere, and since we are going on a long mission, I'd like the crew to have somewhere to unwind." Jason followed him out.

Nico pressed the inner sole of his boots against the outside of the ladder and starting sliding down, "Sure thing Commander." He called up the shaft. "Put something on my calendar, and let's take a look at it tomorrow."

Jason slid down after him, "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then. Take care Lieutenant." Jason turned to leave the room and walked out of engineering.

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