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Post 19 - Meeting the Locals

Posted on Tue Nov 24th, 2020 @ 10:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Karim MD & Lieutenant Commander Kora Lenek & Lieutenant Nico Oliveria & Lieutenant Emni t'Nai & Cadet Senior Grade Ezra Gonzalez

Mission: Episode 2 - The Next Phage
Location: A small town
Timeline: A few hours after post # 13, late afternoon, before sundown

They had arrived at the edge of an escarpment nearly an hour ago following Ocampan bio signatures and a building body of other life signs through densely packed trees. It hadn't been a grueling hike, but the pace wasn't slow either and they had settled back from the edge of the slope to regroup, gather information, and decide next steps.

A small town was nestled at the bottom of the rocky incline. Houses in neat rows, each with a vehicle of sort parked in front. Citizens came and went, but no one had particularly seemed to notice them as they took turns peering over the edge and gathering what information they each could based on their own specializations.

Emni sat with her back against a tree, reading back through the biological scans she had taken in the last 15 minutes. The Ocampans were clearly here, somewhere in the tangle of native life signs below, but the density of the population was making it hard to pinpoint much more than <3>they're here. She had hoped it would be easier to distinguish them so they could at least find themselves in the right part of the town sprawling out and away from their location.

She reached back and rubbed her neck absently, setting the tricorder on the ground next to her. Slowly she tilted her head back until it was resting against the tree and closed her eyes, letting her empathic senses take over. She didn't have an enormous range for such things and had kept those observations tightly lidded for most of their time. Taking in new people whom you expected was often enough, but alien emotional makeups sometimes gave her pause and she had wanted to be able to focus on the data at hand before trying to tease out the emotional components.

The familiar emotional impressions of the away team washed over her as she released the tightly held hold she had placed on herself. The jumble of their emotions felt to her like walking into a room of friendly faces who were all happily talking together. This was how she preferred to use this part of her senses -- without significant limitation adding a dimension to the landscape around her.

A few unfamiliar tendrils of emotion tickled at the edge of her mind, but they were weak and didn't stand out as anything other than the usual emotions of a person going about their day. She was too far away to tell much more than that.

"Adelphi to Away Teams. We've been forced out of orbit by five Vidiian ships rather bent on disabling us and taking our organs. We're making a run for the nearby nebula. Hoping we can effect some repairs and then come back for you when it's safe," The Captain's voice, filtering from their combadges, paused for a moment, and sounds of battle leaked through. "Last we saw on sensors, the Denali seems to have been under attack as well. Please try to establish contact with each other and coordinate until we can return. Adelphi out for now."

Nico's eyes widened as he slapped his combadge in urgency, "Oliveria to Denali... Timmoz, please respond." Silence was the only response he received as he looked to Adelphi's Executive Officer in despair, "Orders, sir?"

Emni's felt the shot of fear that ran through the chief engineer like a slap making her suck in a breath. She held it a moment, letting it out slowly to give herself a moment to reset her empathic senses. Senses back within her control, she felt a ripple of unease flow throughout the team when Nico's communication went unanswered.

Ezra quickly stood up. "What's happening?" he asked, his eyes darting from person to person. "What's happening?" he asked again, louder and more desperately. Receiving no response, he began to pace in circles, rhythmically squeezing his fingers into his palms in a failing attempt to calm himself down.

"Midshipman Gonzalez," Karim spoke, taking himself away from his own observation point and coming a little closer to the cadet, although he kept a respectful distance still. His tone was, surprisingly, soft.

Naturally, his mien remained utterly Vulcan; he was stoic and calm, even though there was no doubt that his sensitive hearing had detected everything that had transpired, both in terms of the younger man's panic and the update from the Adelphi, even as he seemed to make no observation on that latter point as of yet.

"You have justifiable concerns for our crewmates and the situation includes a lot of troubling and potentially unmanageable variables," the counsellor said, still maintaining the same manner as before. "Your anxiety is understandable and relatable. We are here to support you - and one another." He eyed a nearby rock of a suitable height and sat himself down. "You would be welcome to join me, Ezra."

Having made the comment, he inclined his head just briefly towards the others - chiefly Commander Lenek, and kept his tone quiet but even. "As we are ill-equipped to assist the Denali and are unable to return to the vessel, perhaps it would be prudent to pursue our original objective. We may yet find means to assist our colleagues."

The First Officer stood in contemplation for a protracted period of time, the voices of the team filtering through her thoughts as she weighed the situation against the pragmatism that ruled her thoughts. The situation being what it was, there was little room for emotional consideration or impassioned idealistic actions.

"Karim is right, we don't have the means to do anything beyond what we came here to do. The fact that the ship has been forced to leave orbit won't hamper our efforts down here much beyond a lack of support, which we all knew could be cut off at any moment for any reason just as it has. For now, we hunt down the survivors and see if we can make sense of what is happening. Gathering information is the best thing we can do, and probably the most important thing for us to do to get out of this alive. Let us keep moving," Lenek finally said as she looked up from her thoughts.

Hearing Karim's unexpected invitation, Ezra stopped pacing and sheepishly shuffled over to the rock and sat down. He laced his fingers together tightly and took a deep, shaky breath, then tossed a glance in the general direction of the town. "I...guess we should keep going, then," he said quietly. "Should we all go into the town at once, or would it be less conspicuous if we split up?"

Emni worried her pinky as she took in the emotional spikes from the team, working hard to settle them into their places and separate her own reaction from her colleagues. Still not feeling 100% settled on that front she found herself thinking out loud in response. "Their bio signatures are entanbled in the groups below. There's too many to easily pinpoint them from here. We probably ought to enter the town separately. Not knowing the disposition of the Ocampa they might be alarmed by a large group seeking them out." She paused looking at the sky. "We only have a few hours of light left, though. Perhaps we split into two groups? One to find a place to stay tonight and one to make inquiries after the Ocampa? That is, if you agree Commander?"

Lenek gave the idea a moment's thought before nodding, "That might be a better use of our resources. Take the Cadet with you and see if you can secure lodging and perhaps get the lay of the land. The rest of us will start hitting up places that seem easy to procure information from. Any objections?"

"No sir." she said, moving to the edge of the slope to scope out the best way down. "Might as well get started. Ready Cadet?"

"Looks like our best bet is to head that way and come in from the side." Turning back to Lenek, Emni straightened her tunic. "Keep an open line and I'll hail when we're situated or in two hours. Whichever comes first."

Giving his laced fingers a last couple of squeezes, Ezra pulled himself to his feet, straightened his clothes, and adjusted his satchel, then nodded to Emni. "Ready," he said. "As I'll ever be," he added under his breath.

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