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Post 15 - One Way Or Another

Posted on Sun Nov 8th, 2020 @ 9:55pm by Captain Björn Kodak & Lieutenant Commander Kora Lenek & Lieutenant JG Irynya & Lieutenant JG Chaali & Ensign Tamblem Dravor

Mission: Episode 2 - The Next Phage
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: A few moments after Away Team deployments

[Main Bridge]
[A few moments after Away Team deployments]

Captain Kodak watched the Denali arc away from the Adelphi in an outbound curve. While Lenek's away team was beaming to the surface directly, the small craft — piloted by Timmoz — looped around the planet to interject into its atmosphere at the proper point. As he observed the runabout's movements on the viewscreen, the Chameloid found himself disquieted once again. Despite a helpful talk with the ship's CMO — t'Nai's empathic skills hard at work — Kodak still felt almost guilty for not going down to the planet as well. But as he'd been reminded, that wasn't his place anymore. He was needed on the Bridge and so there he would be, like it or not.

The doors of a turbolift swished open over Kodak's shoulder, the first of the relief crews arriving as Alpha Shift gave way to Beta Shift. The Captain turned in his chair and nodded to Ensign Mulhern, who'd just taken over at Engineering. The dark haired woman — in her thirties with a severe haircut but kind eyes — smiled back at him before activating the holographic interfaces of her station. Kodak couldn't see her clearly through the glowing golden lines of an Adelphi wireframe image but he could tell she was busy getting up to date on the ship's systems.

"How are we looking, Ensign?" the Chameloid asked, distracting himself from his guilt with the details of duty.

"Pretty good overall, I'd say," Mulhern nodded with approval. "Still getting some plasma bleed off from the left nacelle's driver coils, but we've got a team working on it."

Though he'd once been an Engineer, the Captain's skills were decades out of date at this point and clarity was needed. "Any potential impacts there, other than waiting for a fix?"

"Well," Mulhern mulled, "we'd probably show up like a Christmas Tree on sensors for anyone else up here with us. At least until we can tamp down our power signature by shielding that plasma. But otherwise," Sheila looked up and shrugged lightly, "not much to worry about, really."

"Glad to hear it," Kodak nodded, turning back to watch the planet slowly spinning beneath them on the viewscreen. It didn't even have an official name yet — at least, not that the Adelphi crew could determine thus far — but that would soon change once Lenek's away team made contact with the locals. He turned back again as the turbolift doors swished open once more, admitting more relief officers…

The Trill security officer hung in the back of the turbolift content to allow everyone else to file out onto the Bridge first. He nodded to the vacating officer and slipped into the chair at the tactical station located directly behind the first officer's chair. Quickly logging in, Dravor took note of the slightly reduced sensor resolution from the port nacelle's plasma flare, though thankfully, it appeared only a slight reduction. The young Trill wasn't used to be on the Bridge when the Captain was, and as someone nervous around authority figures, it was not surprising his palms were already sweaty.

Irynya pulled her long loose ponytail over her shoulder as she made her way out of the turbolift. The long hair rested perfectly creating a line down to her shapely figure, accentuated by the tailored uniform she wore. Absently she reflected on how glad she was that a skirt with right leggings was an option for uniforms. A perfect cream-colored circle with a u-shaped symbol graced her forehead just above an aquiline nose. The Risian shot a glance behind her and offered a dazzling smile to the Trill pasted to the back of the lift.

Moving to the front of the bridge she nodded, the same smile to the helmsman exiting her station. Mmm... Pre-warmed seat she thought as she settled into the chair and tapped to bring up the helm statistics. Standard orbit--a rather quiet shift seemed likely.

Lieutenant Chaali arrived in a small second wave, her scalp unadorned by her now-infamous choices of wigs. She studied the Bridge with scanning eyes. She focused first on the back of the Trill at Tactical, then upon the ponytail of a woman she did not yet know. Finally, on Kodak. She smiled to herself and carried herself toward the Ops position. With a graceful slip, she dropped diagonally into the chair and logged on. She too brought up the ship's status reports and noted the port nacelle. Then her attention turned to the reducing signature of the Denali. "They've passed just into the planet's thermosphere," she noted with a hairless eyebrow rise, turning to glance at the Captain.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Chaali," Kodak offered to the Bolian in conjunction with a tight lipped smile. "Let's keep them on sensors as long as we can," he ordered, referencing the fact that the Denali would soon pass into that strange area of low sensor resolution they'd detected -- the same resolution issues that prevented Timmoz' team from simply transporting down to the surface as Lenek's had.

The Chameloid found himself wondering how his First Officer's team was faring but resisted the urge to contact them so soon after beaming down. Lenek was efficiency itself and Kodak figured she would establish contact as soon as it made sense to do so. In the meantime, the Captain decided it wouldn't hurt to hedge the Adelphi's bets.

"Lieutenant Irynya," Kodak began, rising from his chair and moving closer to the Risian, "I'd like you to change our orbital position. Park us equidistant between the beam down point for Lenek's team and the Denali's intended destination. We haven't detected advanced sensor equipment down there but keep us out of range all the same, hmm?" Turning to Dravor, the Chameloid moved back towards his own chair, remaining standing so as to face the young Trill. "Ensign, let's assume yellow alert posture for now. At least until we hear back from your teams."

Irynya's fingers danced across the console setting their new orbital position. "Moving us into position now, sir." She said. One hand absently went to her shoulder, brushing her pony tail as she tapped the last coordinates into navigation and engaged thrusters to adjust their orbit.

Chaali's fingers moved as her panel bezels illuminated yellow. She fed power and resources to the shield grid and phaser systems, then slipped blue fingers to notify personnel of the heightened station status. Her panel emitted a series of chirps, "All decks reporting in."

"Aye, sir, energizing defense fields," responded the Trill, a touch of anxiety tinging his response as his finger stapped the alert status button, causing the telltale yellow lights to light up around the ship as the computer called out the alert status twice. Automatically the ship's systems began to shift power to tactical sensors and shields. Down in engineering, the thrum of the warp core encreased as additional power demands were made. Reports cascaded across Dravor's console as departments reported in, "All decks report ready, Captain."

"Away team to Adelphi," the voice of the ship's First Officer suddenly echoed through the bridge.

Kodak nodded to Chaali, Dravor, and Irynya in response to their acknowledgements of his orders before tapping his combadge. "Adelphi here, Commander. What's your status?"

"We've discovered the wreckage of the ship we were looking for. There were no bodies at the crash site, which leads us to believe that the crew managed to land in decent enough condition to seek shelter elsewhere. Lieutenant Oliveria has noted that the ship seems to have been attacked by Vidiians, something that does not bode well for the fate of the crashed vessel if they found them first. We're going to attempt to find them and get a better picture of what might be going on," the Cardassian relayed.

"Vidiians?" Kodak responded, his tone intensely concerned. Were Tov or t'Nai on the Bridge, they would have sensed the sudden shift in his mental landscape. For those without telepathic or empathic senses, though, the Captain's body language left no one in the dark. The Chameloid quickly took his seat, calling up the controls on his armrest and directing Dravor to scan for Vidiians with a gesture of his hand. This, while Kodak carried on his conversation with Lenek on the planet below. "Commander, do whatever you must to keep our people safe. Try to mask your life signs and blend in, if you can. We've gone to yellow alert and are on standby."

As the Captain conversed with the first officer, a trickle of sweat formed on the nape of the young Trill's neck. The thought of battle with a race of people who needed to harvest living organs for survival brought a touch of nausea to Tamblem, but that was replaced with terror as his console began screaming, "Five warp signatures bearing down on us!" Dravor was barely able to finish his thought before the ships popped out of warp on top of the Adelphi. The ship shuddered under the first hyper-thermic charge's impact on the shields, causing the computer to automatically bring the vessel to red alert. Tamblem attempted to inform the Captain of the situation over the alert klaxons, "Five, no four Vidiian ships in weapons range Captain. One impacted the upper atmosphere and is moving off."

"Well this just got more interesting," Kodak responded, drawing on his training to calm his nerves. "Open a channel, Mr. Dravor. Helm," he looked to Irynya, "evasive maneuvers. Pick patterns with your best judgment, Lieutenant. I trust you," he noted before turning to look back at his tactical officer.

"Aye, Sir," Irynya replied, acknowleding the Captain's directions. Navigational and astrometric data streamed across her console informing her first evasive maneuver. "Evasive Pattern Beta Six Delta." she advised as she entered the appropriate coordinates causing the tone of the engines to increase as the ship came above moving away from their orbital position to a more defensible stance.

Once Kodak received the go-ahead from Dravor, he rose from his chair and did his best to project an air of strength. "This is Captain Björn Kodak of the Federation vessel Adelphi. Before we fire back and further this conflict," the Chameloid adopted a diplomatic tone, "allow me to apologize if we have somehow violated your borders. We were not aware a Vidiian colony was located on this planet. Our intent was not to violate your sovereignty."

The response over the comm was brief but malicious: "Your organs will serve the many. The Sodality will be taking them now." On the viewscreen, flaring energy beams crisscrossed space to slam into the Adelphi's shields.

"Alright, scratch 'Diplomatic Solutions' off the list then," Kodak sighed softly, shaking his head. "Tactical, return fire. Try to disable rather than destroy if you can. Keep their coupling arms off us." Watching the circling ships on his own readout, the Captain looked then forward, towards Chaali. Lieutenant, is our runabout still on sensors? I have a sinking suspicion that strange complex down there belongs to our Vidiian friends here."

Tamblem gulped as he stabbed the firing button, executing the program he had prepared. The heavy cruiser's teeth bared as she lobbed photon torpedoes at the Vidiian ships. As the antimatter weapons streaked across the gap, the ship's phaser arrays laid into the shields of three of the closest vessels flaring against their energy screens, "Aye sir, attempting to disable."

Chaali looked concerned, "The dampening field blocking the transporters near the complex has just increased almost 300%. They've disappeared, I can't even get a sensor reading. But the last data I saw, they had major fluctuations in their power grid. They may be under attack. I'm trying to break through the interference." The Bridge rocked and the lights flickered. Chaali's now purple-tinged skin from red alert turned, "Direct hit on the port nacelle. Medical response teams are enroute." The Bridge quaked down, "I thought the Vidiians weren't a threat to Starfleet anymore? Their disease was cured?" Her panel screeched, "Casualties reported, deck six, section eleven."

"Last we knew, a cure had been found," Kodak replied, his thoughts drifting back to some of the background reading he'd done on the races of the Nacene Reach. "But it's been 30 years. Perhaps the Phage adapted? Either way," he gritted his teeth as the Adelphi rocked again hard, "it doesn't change our current reality. We can't help our teams while we're fighting five ships up here. Dravor, put me on a channel to our away teams. Helm," the Captain looked to Irynya, "we're not going to hold off five ships for long. We need to break orbit. There's a rather large nebula we saw on the way in. If I recall, it spans several light-years. Set a course, best speed."

When Dravor signaled the channel had been opened, Kodak adopted a confident tone: something to hopefully guard against the Adelphi's people below feeling abandoned. "Adelphi to Away Teams. We've been forced out of orbit by five Vidiian ships rather bent on disabling us and taking our organs. We're making a run for the nearby nebula. Hoping we can effect some repairs and then come back for you when it's safe," the Captain explained. "Last we saw on sensors, the Denali seems to have been under attack as well. Please try to establish contact with each other and coordinate until we can return. Adelphi out for now."

The Risian woman peeled her fingers free from the edge of her console where she had braced herself during the last blast. "Plotting a course for just inside the nebula," she acknowledged, "but that hit to the port nacelle is going to slow us down."

"Understood, Lieutenant. Do your best," he regarded the young woman sitting at the helm. "At this point, it's a race to that nebula. Chaali," Kodak turned his gaze to the azure Ops officer, "Given the damage we've sustained and current power distribution needs, what's our staying power in that nebula? Can we survive in there for long?"

At that moment, the Bridge rocked harder than it had since the battle began. The crew didn't need sensors to understand that restraining arms from one of the Vidiian ships had just slammed into the Adelphi's hull. A low whine thrummed through the ship as its engines fought against the pull of the Vidiians' tethers. "Mr. Dravor, you've done admirably in trying to keep us free of their snares. But with five ships, one of them was bound to get lucky. Any chance we can free ourselves? Or can we tug them all the way into the nebula?"

Chaali turned, "We'll have to evacuate the Shuttlebay, several cargo bays and the port nacelle, as well as decks five and six near the hull breech," she reported, "Ionizing radiation in the Nebula is 600% above accepted radiation tolerances and the hull integrity fields won't be enough protection in those-" the ship shook violently again and her panel squealed, "- Won't be enough to protect the crew." The lights flickered, "Reading extreme structural compromise at the impact zone of the Vidiian tether. We have hull stress pushing past the maximum limit, it'll fail in fifteen seconds." Her ice-blue eyes glanced at Tamblem and the Captain, "If we don't cut engines or cut tension they're going to tear a multi-deck hole in the hull."

Sheila gulped slightly at her station. The idea of trying to repair a giant hole in the hull inside a gaseous nebula was not something she relished. "Repair teams are standing by at the site of the tether. They've erected emergency forcefields in case of hull breach. But if we can cut that arm off at the source, my teams should be able to get in there and shore up the hull," the Engineering officer reported.

The Trill quickly took stock of the location of the arm, and his nervousness turned into a moment of confidence, "Captain, the forward phaser array has an angle of attack on the arm. We should be able to sever it just below the Vidiian ship's hull, but the computer estimates a 6% chance the grapple could impact the starboard warp nacelle.

Kodak absorbed the stream of information coming his way. Reports from his various relief officers painted a potentially grim picture -- the odds of reaching the nebula intact weren't exactly encouraging, especially with so many ships in pursuit. But if the Adelphi was going to be around to rescue the away teams, action was required in the here and now, discouraging odds or not. After a three second stretch of pregnant thought, the Captain's steely reply confident came. "Very well, then. Mulhern, keep those teams at the ready. Mr. Dravor, sever that tether. Lieutenant Irynya, prepare for the drag force to suddenly slack. Chaali," he nodded to the Bolian, "get everyone out of those affected areas. We're going into that nebula one way or another..."

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