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Post 09 - Can you feel that?

Posted on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 @ 3:09am by Lieutenant Emni t'Nai & Lieutenant Nico Oliveria & Lieutenant JG Chaali
Edited on on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 @ 3:12am

Mission: Episode 2 - The Next Phage
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Following Ezra's Post-Op appointment, but just before Nico's

Emni looked up from some last notes from Cadet Gonzalez' post-op review she was entering into her PADD just as Sickbay's doors gently swished open. She wasn't expecting another appointment although Ensign Greevis was on deck today to handle walk in needs. She looked about the room expectantly to see the ensign stepping forward to greet the friendly face of Lieutenant JG Chaali.

Without thinking she did a quick emotional scan of the Bolian woman checking for obvious issues. Setting emotional signatures for patients was so second nature for the Romulan that she often had to remind herself it wasn't necessary when the patient wasn't there to see her. She turned back to her PADD and continued entering notes, only stopping when she sensed Chaali's emotional signature stopped next to her.

"Lieutenant," she said, looking up and smiling. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

The Bolian sauntered within. Today the Bolian was wearing a bright bombshell blonde wig that was half Dolly Parton and half English judge. Over her narrow and sloping shoulders, she carried what looked to be traveler's packs. She smiled, his pale blue eyes amused. "Bringing your creations their gear." She mused. Chaali's mind was unique: compartmentalized and disciplined like a number of others on the ship. But she also had a fuzzy static to her, likely quite possibly because of her unique Bolian physiology. She seemed in a good mood, bemused. "How are your canvases?"

"You tell me," said the freshly altered Nico as he exited the surgery area. "Dr. Grey's finest work, or so she said," The Vegan chuckled and bounded over towards the other two, tapping on his cheek with an index finger, "I can feel it, but not really, it's almost like a phantom." He smiled at the Bolian admiring her wig, "I'm loving today's look, by the way."

Chaali raised a hairless eyebrow at the transformed Nico. Then she pouted, in discerning thought, "It's different. I think I'll like it more when you have your face back." Chaali began to slump the gear she'd carried in for her compatriots.

Emni chuckled at the engineer's amusement. "Over here if you would." she said indicating that Nico should sit on the bio bed next to where she stood.

To Chaali she smiled, "I do have to agree about the look. It makes a statement." The CMO had heard about Chaali's varied style choices and appreciated the exhuberant cheerfulness that seemed to exude from her. "Do you have a favorite look? You can set those down over there." She indicated a spot next to the biobed as she picked up the medical tricorder and began running down the post-op test list.

Chaali carried the pack assigned to Nico over to where the Doctor wanted him. "This one's Betazoid," Chaali admitted to the two curious onlookers. "They have a wig culture. It's a reproduction of the Lagocco era aristocracy's court wigs." She studied Nico more closely, her face coming closer to the Human's. She studied his cheek. Unable to stop herself, she poked it, "Can you feel that?"

Emni bit back a laugh only half succeeding as the Bolian's blue finger poked Nico in the cheek. Badly hiding an amused smile she piled on. "Yes, lieutenant, can you feel that? Not perhaps the method I'd typically use, but it would be good to know if the nerve ending connection is working."

The Human rubbed his face where Chaali had prodded him and giggled, "Just couldn't resist, eh?" He grinned at the Bolian before turning to the ship's new Chief Medical Officer, "I can mostly feel it, pressure more than anything. It's not exactly like my real face. Dr. Grey said it was uh..." He pursed his lips in thought for a moment, recalling his conversation. Smiling, Nico snapped his fingers, "Good enough for government work is what she said. I'm not really sure what that means, though."

"It feels..." Chaali hesitated, tilted her head and studied the cheek with pale blue eyes. her hand stroked Nico's alteration again, "It feels a little strange." The Bolian blinked and then shrugged again. "Well, anyway. Here's your pack," she offered it up with some heft, a pack that landed heavy on the biobed. She pulled a decorative clip off the shoulder strap and fixed it to Nico's collar, "There's a transponder sewn into the back that'll monitor communications and life signs from Mission Operations."

The Bolian glanced at the Romulan, "Do you want that data relayed to Sickbay, Doctor?"

"That would be very helpful." Emni said, eyes on the chief engineer as she replied. Pausing a moment she looked over. "Would you make sure they're forwarded to Lieutenant Pauli in particular? He will be monitoring the away teams while we're planetside."

Looking back at the engineer she gave one last scan then folded the tricorder. "Everything seems in order lieutenant." she said. "You're cleared for away mission duty."

Nico hopped off the biobed onto his feet and grinned, "Thanks, Doctor, see you in the transporter room." He hefted the satchel with an overly dramatic grunt as he settled onto his shoulder. "Well, it certainly feels like you got everything I asked for Chaali. Is there a warp core hidden in here?" The Human let out a little giggle at his own joke.

Chaali chortled, swatting his shoulder, "warp core no, micro-fusion power cell recharger, yes."

Emni raised a distinctly Vulcanoid eyebrow. "Should I add an extra hypospray to my pack for the shoulder muscles you're about to pull?"

She waited only a beat before chuckling. "Joking." She said as she chuckled. "I'll see you there."

Emni nodded to Chaali as Nico jumped down from the biobed. "Thank you for your help lieutenant."

Turning to head for her office as the two officers made their way out of Sickbay, Emni sighed. Just a few more appointments and they would be on their way.

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Lieutenant Emni i-Rizz t'Nai
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Nico Oliveria
Chief Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Chaali
Operations Officer


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