USS Adelphi


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Post 7 - Preparing for the Unknown

Posted on Tue Sep 29th, 2020 @ 3:17pm by Lieutenant JG Tovan Astril

Mission: Episode 2 - The Next Phage
Location: Tov Astril's Quarters
Timeline: Just After Post 4

Tov strode from the staff meeting towards his quarters. He nonverbally greeted those he passed on his way, but mentally he was already preparing for the mission to come.

The unknown had always held a great amount of intrigue for him, he wanted to know more. Through all of the missions he had been on, though, his curiosity was tempered by a wariness. The unknown held dangers, and by definition they couldn't know the extent of the dangers.

The planet they were visiting was pre-warp, without any identifiable access to space. That meant they could come into contact with weapons powered by combustion, firearms and such. Less accurate than a phaser on average, but getting hit by one would still harm or kill a crewmember.

He stepped into his quarters just far enough to let the doors close. He needed focus for the mission ahead, he could count the likely things they could come up against, but they had limited knowledge. He needed to be open minded and wary.

With the doors closed, he stripped out of his duty uniform. He had a little less than an hour before he needed to report to the runabout for the mission. That gave him plenty of time to get ready.

Sitting on the floor, he closed his eyes and let his mind drift for a few moments. He took deep breaths in, held it for a slow count of three, then let the deep breaths out slowly. Once he felt his body's rhythm slow, he focused his mind. He brought up every defense he had been taught to keep other telepaths out of his mind. He found his awareness of those around him, a constant background noise, shut out leaving him in an almost uncomfortable silence.

Missions such as these could end up with casualties, so Tov spent the next few minutes focusing on that fact, imagining how he would feel if any of those he was on the mission with were to die on the mission. In the imaginary scenarios, he had it so each death was because of a failure on his part. Then he took the emotion that came with that and stored it away. He would still feel the fear of failure, the apprehension, but he found this practice prepared him for it. He believed it would keep him from freezing up if the worst happened.

Once he had finished with that he spent a few minutes stretching, and then stepped into the shower to make sure he was clean, even though it had only been a couple of hours since his last shower. Then he moved to his dresser and pulled out his tactical clothing. He dressed quickly, with efficient motions. Every piece of clothing offered him protection from something. Once he was fully dressed, he stretched a bit, ensuring he had as much freedom of movement as he could have. Then he armed himself, a pair of fighting knives, slightly curved, slid into sheaths he had built into the back of his tactical tunic, the hilts flattened enough so as to not dig into his back. At his waist went a modified phaser opposite a tricorder.

The runabout would have a small armory where he would be able to grab a rifle if he needed it, so he left his quarters with a quarter of an hour to spare and made his way to the runabout. He felt as loose and limber as he ever did going into the unknown, he was as ready as he could make himself.


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