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Post 14 - What's in a Name?

Posted on Thu Nov 5th, 2020 @ 11:32pm by Lieutenant Emni t'Nai & LMH

Mission: Episode 2 - The Next Phage
Location: Main Sickbay
Timeline: About 2 hours into Emni's duty shift

Emni's shift had been almost suspiciously routine. All appointments had gone quickly and easily. Only a few minor injuries presented themselves, and every nurse and doctor on the schedule had completed tasks on time if not early. It almost felt like things were running too smoothly for the CMO. Was there such an occurrence as a Sickbay that ran too smoothly?

She leaned absentmindedly against the open biobed in front of her--her weight balanced on her right elbow and her right hand hunting and pecking to enter details into the PADD laying in front of her. She had just completed a follow up of one of the crew members who had been injured in the last mission. She was healing well and with one more check up was likely to be fully discharged. Emni added notes to the lieutenant's medical record, but her mind was elsewhere already thinking ahead to duty rosters and a medical journal covering new research on the effect of certain emergency medical techniques on crew members who remained in deep space several months after the crisis. It felt particularly pertinent to Ensign Parsons whose case lingered in the back of her mind like an itch she couldn't quite reach.

With her left hand she reached up to her shoulder and massaged where a muscle ache had started up. A quick analgesic would fix the problem, but she didn't want to risk failing to enter any notes by stopping to treat her own tension before recording her thoughts.

A voice suddenly spoke from behind that very shoulder, nothing heralding the sudden arrival of its mysterious owner.

"I would recommend inaprovaline, Doctor," it said cheerily, with more than a hint of curiosity tinging the voice's tone.

Emni bit back a yelp at the sudden disembodied voice behind her. No, not disembodied. She realized immediately that there was no emotional signature heralding the arrival of the voice's owner.

When she turned to face the unknown entity, t'Nai was welcomed by a youthful face wearing a boyish smile, as well as a sciences-division teal uniform. With no rank insignia resting on his breast and gently-pointed Vulcanoid ears cresting his head, the photonic identity of this interloper was quickly recognisable to the CMO.

"If you are to be the chief medical officer, it would be inappropriate for you to not also prioritise your own wellbeing." The LMH pointed to a nearby tray. "Perhaps you would allow me?"

Emni quickly scanned the room, looking for whichever team member had activated the persona she found in front of her.

"The LMH I presume?" she said inclining her head to indicate that he could proceed with the inaprovaline dose. "Did someone else activate your program or am I simply out of date on the procedures for LMH activation?"

"This is a Delta Quadrant assignment and I am a Long-Term Medical Hologram," the LMH replied matter-of-factly, as if that was explanation enough for his appearance and commentary, as he quickly picked up a nearby hypospray, loaded it with the aforementioned chemical, and gently but quickly pressed it against the doctor's neck.

"Please forgive the observation, but you are part Romulan, are you not?" Although the LMH phrased the question as though he was not entirely informed of Emni's ancestry, his program's access to the vessel's extensive personnel and medical records made it clear that his politeness was a personable quirk of his program. He would know full well she was.

"I am modelled after the first recorded part-Romulan in Starfleet," the hologram continued, smiling kindly at the doctor, the statement sounding as though there was almost a hint of pride hidden with the obvious curiosity it felt towards the woman.

Emni took the in LMH, tilting her head from side to side to stretch her shoulder muscles as the inaprovaline took effect. Now that he mentioned it she could see the slightly different peaks of his ears and sweep of his eyebrows indicating a Romulan bloodline.

"I am." She said in answer to his question. "My mother was Romulan and my father half Betazoid and half Human. Why do you ask?"

It was an innocent enough question, if a bit forthright and she was curious what had elicited the question.

"I was programmed with a healthy degree of curiosity about my nature," the LMH replied, appearing to perk up at the interest in his question and nature, as he set about returning the equipment to its appropriate place, doing so with extreme but delicate exactitude. When his task was finished, he came back over to Emni, smiling lightly.

"I have full access to the personnel records of Doctor Simon Tarses, as well as a number of other Vulcanoid officers of mixed heritage that have served in or alongside the Federation Starfleet," he continued politely, "but nothing quite compares to the individual experiences of the sentient being themselves." The LMH gestured at Emni. "Or, as the case may be, and why such a programming decision was wise on the part of my creators, the individual patient."

Emni raised a single eyebrow in a characteristically Vulcanoid facial expression. "I see." She said.

The LMH visibly examined the points of the CMO's own Romulan ears, even if he tried to do so in a subtle, but not concealed, way. "It is not often I believe I could deign to share many traits with members of this crew, so it is quite enticing that the chief medical officer might." The hologram then paused, and actually seemed a little awkward for a very brief moment. "You have empathic abilities, however."

A smile passed her lips at the statement and she found herself wondering if the awkwardness was built into the LMH program as a passing understanding of how Romulans typically respond to being asked personal questions or if it was a reaction to her own body language.

"I am." she said. "My maternal grandfather's family is Betazoid. I've inherited a variant of their own telepathic abilities through that side of my family." She paused, absently worrying her lower lip for a moment before continuing. "Truthfully I've always wondered if Romulan DNA has latent telephatic capabilities from our shared ancestry with Vulcans. It certainly might explain how my empathic abilities present themselves."

She picked up the PADD she had been working on and rolled her head from side to side as the inaprovaline did its work. "Thank you for the inaprovaline recommendation, ehm.." she paused. "Do you have a preferred name?"

There was that polite smile and matter-of-fact expression and tone once more. "No," he said, not troubled by the question or his own answer in the least. "Why would I? However, I do note that a number of holograms in frequent service capacities have been provided with unique designations. Unless there is another long-term medical hologram aboard Adelphi, there should be no confusion, though."

Without missing a beat, the hologram moved on to the next topic quickly. "I would very much like to hear your views on Romulan mythology, when the opportunity should arise, and should you find my companionship an acceptable use of your recreational time." The smile did not falter. "I would not be offended if not, of course."

Emni chuckled at as the LMH delivered his request. "Well, I'm not sure my views are that exciting exactly, but I'm always glad to talk about home and there aren't terribly many opportunities to do so these days."

Something like grief clouded her features. "I do think I'd like that."

She turned to head to her office then, PADD in hand, "And we should find you a name. If you're going to pop up inquiring after my own self-care I'd like to be able to address you individually and not simply as your program designation."

If there was the briefest consideration of mild annoyance at returning to the subject, the LMH did a remarkable job of taking it in his stride and retaining a positive mien. "That is your right, Doctor, if you believe it would improve the efficiency of my program's interactions with you and the crew."

The LMH's eyes flickered for a second, and then a rapdily-scrawling list of holographic words appeared between him and t'Nai, moving almost too quickly for organic eyes to properly interpret.

"The computer has compiled a list of the most popular male human and Romulan names from the past five standard years, as per public census records," he said, neither enthusiastically nor dismissively, his eyes appearing to judder as quickly as the list as he seemingly reviewed it. "Chulak, Cocius, Delak, Tomalak, Denak, Sarol, Tenak..."

Emni turned back to where the LMH was rapidly scrolling and listing names.

"Pause list." She said, chuckling. "Maybe let's talk about your name sometime soon. Not necessarily this minute."

Acknowledging her response the scrolling list of names between them disappeared. Not waiting for the LMH to continue speaking she continued on. "Take some time to think about it." And then, almost as an afterthought "You're dismissed doctor, and thank you."

She smiled warmly and then turned to head back to her office.

The hologram watched after the vessel's chief medical officer with a smile to match hers. He did not immediately dissipate, his program complex and autonomous enough to recognise the dismissal was not a requirement to simply deactivate itself.

"No, thank you, ma'am," he said after her, now beaming more like an over-enthusiastic cadet at having been called 'doctor. And then, with a little twist of his head, he shimmered out of visible existence.

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Lieutenant Emni i-Rizz t'Nai
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The Long Term Medical Hologram


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