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MU Post 1 - The Tyrant Cometh

Posted on Mon Sep 21st, 2020 @ 5:45pm by Viceroy Naevius Cowell
Edited on on Sun Sep 27th, 2020 @ 8:40pm

Mission: MU Episode 01: The Phage in the Mirror
Location: Terran Imperial Palace, El-Aur
Timeline: A week following 'The Other Side of the Wrinkle'

[Terran Imperial Palace, El-Aur]
[A few weeks following ‘The Other Side of the Wrinkle']

“Viceroy, I really must protest to your decision to leave the capital,” a rather tall Vulcan Vice Admiral said as he looked up to the leader of the Terran Empire in the Delta Quadrant, “The reports have indicated that our forces on the front lines have met with a great deal of resistance from the Alpha Quadrant invaders. Their weapons technology seems to be capable of piercing through the shields of our older vessels, and our own weapons have been marginally effective, save for our torpedoes. It would be ill advised for you to leave when there are few ships that could adequately protect you.”

“Noted,” the Viceroy said with a frown, “But I don’t intend to take just any old ship.”

Cowell tapped on his throne’s command console and brought up the schematic of the newest vessel in the line, the Tyrant-class. It boasted the best that the Terran Empire had to offer, and was a mobile starbase in everything but name. It was the culmination of generations of tireless research, using the very best technological breakthroughs in every area of engineering that made a starship possible.

“The ISS Arizona is the crowning achievement for the Terran Empire, ladies and gentlemen. She is a fitting platform from which I can watch as our forces drive back the Alliance scum that dared to enter our domain. Oh… and before I forget…” the Viceroy turned to his favorite assassin and flicked a finger outward.

Daisy’s normally unfocused eyes suddenly grew sharp when her beloved master made the slight move with his finger. The entire room suddenly froze as the blonde suddenly leapt forward and drove the offending Vulcan Admiral to the ground with the momentum of her leap off the platform. In a fluid motion that was beautiful just as it was brutal, she ended the man’s life without so much as a single wasted motion.

Viceroy Cowell stood up and began to descend the platform, making an effort to avoid the Vulcan blood spilling out onto the marble floor, “No one sits in my chair while I’m gone… is that clear?”

Each and every man and woman in the room saluted the Viceroy at once, the fear he instilled in those around him stripping away any thoughts of ambition from the minds of those gathered in the massive command center. The legends regarding this order had been passed down from the very beginning of the Terran occupation of the Delta Quadrant, when the Viceroy’s chair had been sat upon by the first Admiral to command the Terran forces. His skull was the first to be added to the garden wall when they conquered El-Aur and made it the capital. Only the Viceroy himself could remember the man’s name, and even he probably didn’t think it worth remembering this far forward in time.

“Come, Bubbles,” the Viceroy barked as if speaking to a trained animal and not a thinking being.

“Coming, Viceroy!” the energetic woman called out sweetly as she skipped off after the man she adored beyond all others.

Even after the two of them had fully and completely disappeared from sight, the command center continued to be gripped by the icy fear that the Viceroy might simply wipe them out of existence before leaving orbit. Little did they know that the man had toyed with the idea of doing just that…

[Bridge, ISS Arizona]

“Viceroy on the bridge!” the nominal Captain of the ISS Arizona called out as Cowell and his pet assassin strolled leisurely into the rather massive bridge module. The sheer volume of control consoles and the inclusion of a large situation table in the center of the room made it seem as if the Viceroy had walked into the operations center of a starbase, not the bridge of a space faring vessel. The only difference between a station and the ship was the inclusion of a Captain’s chair that mirrored the style of the throne on El-Aur, though scaled down to an appropriate size for the room it was in. Cowell wasted no time settling into the throne-like Captain’s chair, taking note that it had yet to be sat upon.

“Captain Akron,” the Viceroy said, turning to the man who he’d placed in charge of the ship whilst he wasn’t aboard, “What is the status of the ship?”

“All crew in all sections are aboard. All weapons, defensive systems, and propulsion systems have been installed and tested to ensure operation prior to your arrival. The Arizona is ready to crush your enemies, Viceroy,” the man rattled off in a professional tone.

“Excellent… I see you took my warning seriously…” Cowell said, a bone-chilling smirk on his face.

“None would ever ignore your commands on this vessel,” Akron assured the man atop the throne.

“I’m happy to hear it. Helm!” the Viceroy turned to the front of the massive bridge, “Set an intercept course with the ISS Adelphi.”

“Aye, sir,” the helmswoman said before pausing and turning about, “What method of travel, sir?”

“Ah yes… I keep forgetting we stole that ‘transwarp’ drive from the Voth when we conquered them. Let’s see what their subjugation brought us. Engage the transwarp device,” Cowell ordered.

“Aye sir,” the helmswoman nodded at the command and made ready to activate the device.

“Take us out,” the Viceroy said, settling comfortably in his small throne.

A low warble issued from the console and the ship turned away from the world it had been orbiting. Once the ship was pointed in the direction of travel that would bring it safely out of the star system, the engines spun up and catapulted the ship into a distortion that opened up just ahead of the ship. Once inside the transwarp tunnel they had created, the view screen turned into a cascade of colors, which meant that Cowell grew incredibly bored of the sight rather quickly.

“How long until we meet with the Adelphi?” the Viceroy asked with a rather disinterested tone of voice.

“One hour eleven minutes,” the helmswoman answered.

“Wake me up in an hour, would you, dear?” the Viceroy asked his blonde companion.

“No problem! Leave it to me!” Daisy said with a beaming smile.

No sooner did the words leave her lips that the Viceroy closed his eyes and seemed to slip off into sleep. Any other man on a Terran vessel might have been gutted for showing such weakness in front of so many ambitious Terrans. But true to the word of their Captain, not a single one of them viewed this as anything out of the ordinary, nor did they see it as some great chance to usurp power. Each and every person aboard the ship had something in common that tied them together far better than any other crew in the Terran Empire… a fact that only the man napping in the throne knew…

A mirror universe post by

Viceroy Naevius Cowell
Terran Empire


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