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Post 1 - Picking Up the Trail

Posted on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 @ 2:54am by Captain Björn Kodak

Mission: Episode 2 - The Next Phage
Location: USS-Adelphi, Main Bridge
Timeline: Day 1: 0934 Hours

[Main Bridge]
[Day 1: 0934 Hours]

The Chameloid known as Kodak -- newly promoted to Captain -- sat pensively in the center seat of the Bridge, eyes studying the rainbow star streaks ahead even as he reflected on the tumultuous path behind...

When the Underspace tunnel that seemed their salvation was found partially collapsed, the Adelphi had been forced to take the long way back to the Nacene Reach. It'd taken the better part of two weeks to complete the journey at high warp. Then it was another two days to rendezvous with the Haakonian vessel Kestran, where Captain Va'trel and his crew were offloaded for return to the Haakonian Order. With the Talaxian terrorists responsible for unleashing a deadly metreon weapon in tow, Va'trel had returned home with prize enough -- Kodak hoped -- to retain his position and receive a new command.

While he did not see eye-to-eye with Va'trel, the Chameloid had grown to respect his Haakonian counterpart a great deal. The Captain could only hope that Va'trel -- who'd proven himself an honorable and pragmatic man -- would continue to be a point of contact with the Haakonians should they be encountered in the future. Given Adelphi's current course, however, such a repeat encounter seemed least for the immediate future, anyway.

A voice from the Tactical station drew Kodak out of his thoughts.

"Sir, I may have some good news," said Lieutenant Chabon. The Andorian looked up from his console with excitement in his eyes. "With Ensign t'Aenikh's help, we've been able to pick up the Ocampans' trail. Or at least," his antennae wagged forlornly, "what's left of it. There's not much to work with and," he noted, "it goes cold along the way but it seems to lead towards an M-class planet showing up on sensors."

"Analysis of the planet, Mr. Ooteen?" Kodak asked, rising from his chair and nodding to Chabon in thanks for his report. His yellow-gold eyes focused on the azure-skinned man sitting at the Ops console.

The Benzite took a long inhalation from the breathing apparatus adhered to his chest while he studied his readings. " curious, sir. As you know, the Nacene Reach is somewhat of a desert in space. Resources are incredibly scarce out here but that planet seems bountiful with water, plant life, abundant deposits of dilithium and, I might add, prime conditions for growing all manner of food."

"In other words," smirked Ensign Lethler at the helm, "a perfect place to drop a new Ocampan colony." The Tellarite woman ran some numbers on her console before offering her own report. "It would take us about two days to reach the planet at warp 6, sir. Think it's worth the trip?"

Kodak found himself excited over the prospect of possibly finding their wayward Ocampan quarry. "Absolutely. Set course for the planet, Ensign. Warp 7," he ordered, knowing the speed adjustment would get the Adelphi there in a little over a day. "Alert the senior staff to these developments," he turned to Chabon as the next highest-ranking officer on the Bridge. "Advise them to prepare for a planetary survey mission. We'll coordinate with additional details as we get closer. You have the conn, Lieutenant," he nodded to the Andorian, intending to study the sensor scans of the planet more closely from his Ready Room.

"Aye sir," Chabon nodded, moving down to take the center seat as Kodak exited the Bridge.

"Wanna take bets on if those Ocampans are even still alive?" asked Ensign Talbot from the Engineering station. "They've been gone awhile and it's not like they live long to begin with."

"Ensign," Chabon looked back at Talbot with an arched eyebrow, "betting on the lives of people is unacceptable. But that said," he turned to regard the viewscreen, which now showed the swirling blue and pink planet ahead, "I choose hope. Let's proceed based on that."

The conversation having been put to rest, Chabon busied himself with dispatching messages to the senior staff. There would no doubt be an away team or two sent to catalogue the planet and search for the missing Ocampans. With just over a day to ready themselves, there would be plenty of time for the senior staff to prepare. Chabon just wondered if any of them had ever visited fuschia-pink jungles before...

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