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Post 7 - A Flashback or Why Are the Pillows Triangular?

Posted on Tue Aug 18th, 2020 @ 5:58pm by Lieutenant Emni t'Nai & Captain Björn Kodak

Mission: Epilogue 1: The Long March
Location: USS-Adelphi, Sickbay
Timeline: Just after the Adelphi arrived in the Delta Quadrant

[Just after the Adelphi arrived in the Delta Quadrant]

As the newly-minted XO of the Adelphi, it was Commander Kodak's goal to meet as many of the crew as possible before their first mission in the Delta Quadrant really kicked into high gear. Having already met with Doctor Elizabeth Grey, the Chief Medical Officer, and her Head Nurse Adira Isan, it was now time to find and pin down Doctor t'Nai. The computer had reported that the Assistant Chief Medical Officer's position was Sickbay, so the Chameloid First Officer's feet carried him through the hissing doors that led into the ship's medical ward.

Having only arrived in the Delta Quadrant several hours earlier, there was quite a bit of activity happening in Sickbay. Doctors, nurses, and techs were all scurrying back and forth, attending to the unpacking of supplies and the ordering and placement of the ward's equipment. Kodak's eyes wandered about the room, flicking from face to face in search of the t'Nai as he noted Sickbay's current state of readiness.

Emni stood, leaving the floor where she had been crouching organizing hypo sprays for quick and easy use in a low cabinet. She placed her hands around her waist toward the small of her back arching backward to stretch out the tension from holding a position on her toes for longer than she should have. Her first few days on the Adelphi had been uneventfully busy leaving her little time to do much more than join her duty rotation and support additional organization, calibration, and general familiarization of the medical team and her sore muscles were a testament to how little attention she was paying to her own comfort. She made a mental note to fix that.

Holding the stretch a moment longer than necessary, Emni tuned in to the emotional hubbub that was buzzing like a low hum throughout the busy room. So it was that she knew, before even really seeing who it was, that someone important had entered Sickbay.

Nodding to one of the nurses he'd met the day prior, Kodak offered him a parting smile before wading deeper into cluster of activity that was Sickbay. As Doctor t'Nai rose from her crouch, the Commander spied her and changed course, coming to a halt relatively nearby. "You must be Doctor t'Nai," the Chameloid warmly greeted her. "I'm Commander Kodak: First Officer and, hopefully, not a total pain in the ass," he winked, his raspy voice full of mirth. "Settling in alright, Doctor?" he asked, eyeing the ongoing stretch. "I'm sure there's an analgesic around here if needed..." he winked.

Emni let her hands fall to her sides, meeting Kodak's wink with a genuine smile of her own. Despite the warmth of his voice and the confidence in his movements, Emni could sense a slight anxiety underlying the general enthusiasm and excitement he felt. She wished she knew enough about him to set the anxiety at ease and made a mental note to review command staff files sooner rather than later.

"Commander," she said, offering her hand and shaking his firmly. "No time for analgesics, or even really much other settling in, when there are hyposprays to organize in low cabinets."

She waited, deadpan, to see how her statement would land before breaking into a chuckle. "Don't worry sir. I assure you I'm on it. Just a bit busy the last few days, so I'd say I'm about half settled and half still searching for random items in boxes in my quarters."

"Tell me about it," chuckled Kodak in response. "I've been looking for one of my little knick-knacks for days now. It'd go perfectly on my office desk if only I could find the blasted thing," the Commander smiled. "I'm glad to hear you're settling in, though. Even though the wormhole opens every month, we're going to be weeks away from it at any given time. Our quarters are our refuges," he nodded, not even thinking about the quarter-Betazoid being able to pick up on his feelings.

While Kodak was excited to be in the Delta Quadrant embarking on a new mission, the uncertainty about his new Captain and colleagues made him a bit anxious being so far from home. At least I have Debbie, the Commander thought to himself. Which reminded him... "The Grand Opening of our redesigned Ten Forward lounge is happening tonight. You've probably heard," he smiled, Chameloid eyes sparkling gold in the light. "Planning to stop by? I hear the proprietor is breaking out actual alcohol. Could probably use a doctor on-hand in case things get out of control..." he smirked, not actually thinking that would happen.

Emni raised an eyebrow tucking the slight spike in anxiety wrapped quickly by anticipation that laced through the Commander's words in the back of her mind. Although she was used to taking a person's emotional temperature--a reflex not significantly different than noticing body language--she always tried to pay special attention when meeting someone new. It was a bit like memorizing a face or the sound of a voice. Eventually, she would know those closest to her by their emotional profile before she even saw them. She missed that familiarity and a bit of her own anxiety slipped across her features before she could school them fully.

She was here. And it was just a matter of time and effort.

"Is there some sort of chicanery you're expecting to take place sir?" she inquired, her amused look only barely shifted by her momentary anxiety. "I was planning to go, but probably won't stay long. Too much to do, too little time, and so far not enough sleep. I promise not to be a hermit forever, though, sir."

It wasn't that she didn't want to stay. To meet people and make friends. It was more that she just needed a little extra time to acclimate. And parties tended to be magnets for high emotions. Fine on a full night's rest... less so when nights had been less than full.

"Chicanery? That's a word we need to use more of," the XO chuckled lightly. "Debbie Gless runs Ten Forward. She and I have known each other for many years now. And given that she's doling out the real stuff," Kodak smirked, "I imagine some people might go a little overboard. But Debbie assures me she won't let things get too out of control."

Stepping backward for a moment to make way for a bustling-by Ensign in medical teal, the First Officer nodded at the idea of making an appearance, even if it was a short one. He'd noticed the flash of anxiety on the Doctor's face and wondered if maybe they were sharing some of the same feelings. "Well, I hope a little stop in will be just what the Doctor ordered for us," he winked again, warmth radiating from him. "I know you're very busy down here but just wanted to officially say 'Welcome' and if you need anything, just let me know, Doctor," Kodak nodded with a little finality, his thoughts and feelings drifting to the next few check-ins he needed to make with various crew members.

"Indeed." Emni said, mulling over the event later that day. An appearance did seem smart even if a short one. And it had been some time since she'd had a glass of any of the 'real stuff' so to speak. "I'll be sure to say hello." She smiled warmly.

"And of course, if there's anything I can do to be of assistance don't hesitate to say. You'll certainly know where to find me considering I basically live here right now." She gestured to the bustle of the Sickbay. "Thanks for seeking me out. I do appreciate that."

"It's absolutely my pleasure, Doctor," Kodak smiled kindly. "And I appreciate your offer. Just, if you're going to live here," he gestured to the ward at large, "maybe replicate more comfortable pillows? I don't know why they make those things triangular but I've never found them particularly comfortable. Need to make sure our Assistant CMO is getting the best sleep she can," the Commander grinned. "And with that, I'm officially out of your hair. See you at the party, Doc," the First Officer nodded before turning to whisk out the way he'd come.

Emni chuckled as the Commander retreated from the room earning herself a curious glance from one or two ensigns bustling about the room. Silently she made a mental note to look into the Sickbay pillows. Why were they triangular anyway? Then, taking a deep breath, she dove back into organizing.

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