USS Adelphi



Malcom Harrison's personal log

Posted on Sat Apr 25th, 2020 @ 7:33pm by Captain Malcom Harrison

Captains Log Stardate 76035.8

Preparations are underway for our Launch tomorrow at 1400 hours. The archaeological team we're supposed to chauffeur to their destination has arrived, and I met with the head researcher, a Professor Ekström. Needless to say the man is enthusiastic, but a little unbridled in my opinion. Meanwhile, I've gotten reports from all departments, stating that we should be good to go by launch time. As well as a hefty report form Lieutenant Commanders Morris and Karim, both about the other. As Karim being assigned here by Commodore T'Vel, there's not a whole lot I can do about the man, except to make him follow procedures and regulations. I have my worries and concerns about him, he's a little high on power at the moment, as he can probably have anybody dismissed that doesn't bend to that power. I know the Vulcan side of him would probably say that that little statement was illogical and untrue. But I know he has a Bajoran side as well, which is probably a little more passionate than he thinks. Nonetheless I am forced to keep him on, but from now on he'll be under close supervision from the XO and myself, as I don't want to lose anyone solely on his recommendation. As for the launch itself, I am excited to get out into the stars and explore the vast Delta quadrant. It is a rare opportunity and one I never thought I'd be graced with, but here we are.