USS Adelphi


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Personal Log day 2

Posted on Mon Apr 20th, 2020 @ 10:24am by Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris

Personal log Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris,

Alex and I had our physicals by the dock and I found that Alex injured himself on earth and didn't tell me, he's been walking around this whole time hurting himself. I've put him to bed like the doc said and grounded him for a week after he's off bed rest.

I may have been a little more aggressive or hasty with the senior staff then I should have but Alex was being a brat when we got to the ship and then we got to the sickbay and I found out he's hurt, so I rushed here with him and I ran around the ship talking to all the officers to come back to him.

I will need to talk to them all again and express how sorry I am I rushed them.

End Log.


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