USS Adelphi



Episode 2 - The Next Phage

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With the metreon crisis behind them, the Adelphi resumes its search for a missing Ocampan colony ship. The trail leads to a honey-trap of bountiful resources and a dangerous enemy from Voyager's past...

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MU Episode 01: The Phage in the Mirror

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The ISS Adelphi detects a planet rich in minerals and seeks to claim it for the Viceroy and the Empire. Long Live The Empire!

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Prologue: Back In Action

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The USS-Adelphi -- after undergoing an extensive refit -- makes its final supply and crew pickups at Starbase 38 before heading through the Barzan Wormhole into the Delta Quadrant.

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Episode 1 - The Metreon Paradox

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En route to investigate a missing Ocampan colony vessel, the USS-Adelphi receives a distress call from the Talaxian freighter Bolitx. Fleeing their oppressive masters -- the Haakonian Order -- the Talaxians request political asylum from the Federation. While their request is under deliberation, however, things become much more complicated when the Talaxians unleash a devastating metreon weapon on their would-be oppressors...

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Epilogue 1: The Long March

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After escaping in a "stolen" runabout, the Talaxian refugees find a home on Delta-Bravo. Meanwhile, the Adelphi sets a return course for the Nacene Reach. Given the unstable nature of the Underspace tunnel, the Adelphi must travel by warp, taking the long way back while grieving the loss of five engineers...

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