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Supreme Intendant Valyn Kudred

Name Valyn Kudred

Position Alliance Intendant, Delta Quadrant

Rank Supreme Intendant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian/Bajoran
Age 45
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0''
Weight 12st 10lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Standing at six feet tall, Kudred initially appears very typical for an adult Cardassian male, although his neck ridges are not nearly as pronounced as his countrymen. However, he wears his black hair in a swept style atypical of the Cardassian people, and unlike so many of the species, he sports unique facial hair that stretches across his jaw. The gentle ridges that rest upon his nose belie his half-Bajoran ancestry.


Father Legate Krenn Kudred, Joint Fourth Fleet, Bajoran Theatre
Mother Captain Valyn Karem, AWS Resurgent, Bajoran Theatre
Brother(s) Dalin Soresh Kudred (deceased; paternal half-brother)
Dalin Cal Kudred (deceased; paternal half-brother)
Sister(s) Zygil Vadrek (née Kudred) (half-sister) – incarcerated
Other Family Cardassian Family

Step-Mother Jana Kudred
Nephews Masa & Sorekh Vadrek
Niece Jana Vadrek
Cousin Glinn Hygal Kudred

Bajoran Family

Aunt Roan Caris
Uncle (by marriage) Roan Donnel
Cousin Roan Torvis

Personality & Traits

General Overview A cold and calculating character, Supreme Intendant Kudred is known for his perfectionist attitude and unwillingness to accept compromise, either from his servants or his foes. Sporting a cruel and sadistic streak, accompanied by a sarcastic sense of humour, Kudred rarely raises his voice, preferring to be softly-spoken when offering his threats, and he approaches failure as he does those whom he considers traitors and foes, with a certain fatalistic mindset.
Ambitions Intendant Kudred plans on conquering the Delta Quadrant in the name of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, whom he has the utmost belief in. Ideally, he would seek to be the sole despot and ruler of the Delta Quadrant. This ambition is tempered only by his desire to rout the Terran Empire, although his tactical heart tells him that the Alliance requires a foe to keep itself focused.

Personal History Gul Krenn Kudred was an authoritative figure in the Bajoran sector in the mid-24th century, leading many campaigns against foes of the Alliance in that region. Whilst he had already had a family with his first Cardassian wife, he set her aside in favour of a Bajoran woman - a leading figure in the Bajoran space navy - and married her instead. This union brought about a child, named for a Bajoran ancestor, and he was celebrated as a symbol of Cardassian and Bajoran friendship.

Raised by the wealthy Kudred family, young Valyn was an exceptional military student, easily outshining his less talented full-Cardassian brothers, whom he earnt the ire of. He was clearly the favoured child and chosen successor to his father, and when he came of age, he joined the Alliance military, rising through the Cardassian ranks with ease.

Around this time, his Cardassian brothers came to grim conclusions, losing their lives in peculiar incidents, and his own sister ended up incarcerated. None of this was challenged by his father, now a legate, and young Valyn continued to shine in his service, both at home and abroad.

Knowledgeable of history and a talented tactician, the now-Gul Valyn Kudred, one of the youngest of his generation, was at the forefront of the conflict with the restored Terran Empire as it revealed itself, and was the mastermind behind several key conflicts that resulted in the Barzan Wormhole variously becoming Alliance territory. He even managed to spearhead the capture of the Turei space station in the Delta Quadrant, the Mithrar Anchorage, and enslave its peoples. With minimal access to the vaunted Underspace network, he has been appointed as the Alliance's Supreme Intendant for the Delta Quadrant.