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Ensign Adira Isan

Name Adira Isan

Position Head Nurse

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill, joined
Age 39
Sexuality bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 200
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Hazel/Green


Personality & Traits

General Overview Very outgoing and fun, but knows when to get down to business when needed. Easy to talk to and very ethical, always willing to lend a hand. Very book smart.
Strengths & Weaknesses Uses her knowledge to her advantage, always open to learning new things, sharing her knowledge with others
Hobbies & Interests Reading, learning new things, listening to and playing music, singing, exploring

Personal History Born on Trill on June 15, 2360 to unjoined Trill parents, Adira had an insatiable appetite for learning. She learned to read, write, and speak at an early age and grew up loving to read and asking questions about everything. This helped her stay at the top of her class all the way through high school. Her last two years of high school, she was even accepted to the Trill Science Ministry (TSM) as a provisional student and took a few classes before graduating in the top 10% of her senior class. She continued as a full student with the TSM and was on her way to earning degrees in Geography, Geology, and Meteorology and certifications in in Ecology, Astronomy, Anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, and Psychology when she applied to the Symbiosis Commission, and after a long selection process, was given the Isan symbiont on June 15, 2385 at the age of 25. She completed her degrees and certifications at a record pace, due to the previous knowledge of the Isan symbiont, and graduated in May 2392 at age of 32. She went on to apply for entrance into Starfleet Academy in 2393 and failed. She continued to take a couple classes and even interned and was a student teacher at TSM. She applied to Starfleet Academy the following year and was admitted to the Academy in August 2394. There, she continued to take classes and even interned and got to student teach for basic classes in the science field. She eventually graduated in the top 25% of her class with advanced degrees (Masters level) in Geography and Meteorology and a Degree (Bachelors level) in Nursing (Medicine) by age 39 (2399). Due to her previous experience with the Trill Science Ministry and her exceptional record with Starfleet Academy, Adira graduated with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and given a choice of where to serve.
Service Record 2376 – 2392: Cadet, Trill Science Ministry
2392 – 2394: Intern/Student Teacher, Trill Science Ministry
2394 – 2399: Cadet/Ensign, Starfleet Academy
2399 – present: Ensign, Head Nurse, USS Aldephi