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Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Grey

Name Elizabeth Grey M.D

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33
Sexuality heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7m
Weight 57kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Elizabeth is, in many respects, a physically average woman. She is neither excessively tall, nor particularly short; her looks are attractive but not stunningly beautiful and her body is fit but not overly toned or athletic. Much of her physical choices are a result of her choice of careers; as a Surgeon, and a Starfleet Officer, she maintains a certain level of physical fitness and unexpected strength, and yet these same demands cause her to wear her hair casually and applies makeup very rarely.


Father Captain William Grey, Starfleet
Mother Doctor Samantha Grey M.D F.F.C.S

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elizabeth is an intelligent, compassionate and hard-working woman who possesses good medical instincts and a natural flair for medicine, relying on her gut more than on what ‘the book’ says. Whilst this has often turned out in her favour, her failures have a dramatic impact on her emotional state. This has manifested itself in a stark negativity in some cases, although she would never allow her patients to see her doubts or concerns. Never the less, Elizabeth views the word in shades of grey, and firmly believes that there are few absolute rights or absolute wrongs. Due to her parents frequent absences and long shifts at work Elizabeth has developed severe abandonment issues, which has led her to be mistrustful of new people in a social setting and fearful of commitment, and the development of a bad habit of making poor romantic choices when inebriated and in a negative mood.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
-Medical Instincts

-Self-Destructive coping mechanisms.
Ambitions To succeed in her chosen career, and to meet her parent's expectations as both a Starfleet Officer and a Surgeon, proving that she is able to combine both and to excel.
Hobbies & Interests Hiking

Personal History Elizabeth was born in January 2366 to William Grey, a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet, and Doctor Samantha Grey, a respected neurosurgeon, and almost immediately found herself caught between too very strong personalities both with successful careers and, as such, significant pressure was put on Elizabeth from a very early age, particularly once she began her education. Both parents were eager to see their daughter succeed, ideally in their own chosen career paths, and both encouraged their daughter to follow in their footsteps. This pressure drove Elizabeth to perform well, in order to not disappoint her parents, but it also had a negative impact on her emotional state, suffering from stress and burnout in her teen years

Unsure of whether to follow her mother, as a Doctor, or her father, as a Starfleet Officer, Elizabeth attended university at Dartmouth College, earning a Bachelors Degree in Biological Studies, despite living a lifestyle of partying and drinking due, in no small part, to her internal conflict on her future. During her Senior year she engaged in a prolonged discussion at a Careers Fair with recruiter for the Starfleet Medical Academy, with whom she discussed her conflict between following the examples of her parents. The recruiter, Doctor Sebastian Warner, instead suggested that she do both; joining Starfleet Medical, despite the many reasons that her parents had argued against such a choice, Elizabeth accepted the advice and applied to the Starfleet Medical Academy’s four-year training programme, being accepted due in no small part to her academic merit.

Elizabeth cleaned up her act whilst at the Starfleet Medical Academy; the military discipline instilled by the Starfleet side of the institution did wonders to improve her mental attitude and the challenge of the medical training did wonders to focus her often wayward mind. She graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in 2392 and was commissioned as an Ensign in Starfleet, and immediately reported to Starbase 412 to take part in its highly respected Surgical Residency Programme which took up most of her career over the next five years as she encountered trials and tribulations throughout the challenging and demanding programme. Never the less, in no small part to spite her parents who still viewed her decision to compromise on career paths as a mistake, she persevered and became a Starfleet Medical Board-certified General Surgeon in 2397. Throughout her residency Elizabeth had developed an interest in, and talent for, trauma surgery and returned to Earth to take part in a two-year Trauma Surgery fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital, qualifying as an attending Trauma Surgeon in early 2399. Conscious of her focus on her medical studies, and eager to get some practical experience as a Starfleet Officer, having received routine promotions due to time-in-service and conscious of the fact that future promotions would be merit based, Elizabeth applied for a Fleet posting.

A short time later, and bearing her Trauma Surgeon skillset in mind, Elizabeth was assigned to the USS Adelphi in the Delta Quadrant, and due in no small apart to her experiance as an attending general surgeon even during her fellowship, she was posted as Chief Medical Officer. Although her medical skills were beyond reproach, and she had demonstrated positive leadership traits as an attending, this was certainly being thrown in at the deep end as far as a Starfleet Officer, outside of a medical context, was concerned, but it was a new challenge that she was eager to face.
Service Record 2388 - 2392: Cadet, Starfleet Medical Academy
2392 - 2397: Surgical Resident, Starbase 412
2397 - 2399: Trauma Fellow, Johns Hopkins Hospital
2399 - Present: Chief Medical Officer, USS Adelphi