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Name LMH

Position Long-Term Medical Hologram

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Hologram (Human/Romulan hybrid appearance)
Sexuality asexual

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

General Overview Patterned after the notable Dr. Simon Tarses, one of the first Human-Romulan hybrids to serve in Starfleet, the LMH has advanced knowledge of medical and psychological techniques and provides assistance to the medical and counseling staff. An additional function of the LMH is to make sure that all sickbay facilities on the ship are staffed at all times. In an emergency, the LMH can duplicate himself to supplement the doctors and nurses, and is fully capable of serving as Chief Medical Officer, should the need arise. The LMH is capable of diagnosing most injuries without a tricorder and automatically performs charting and other record-keeping as he is working.

Personal History The most recent variation of the LMH hologram, this particular program was installed aboard the vessel during her most recent refit, just prior to its first excursion into the Delta Quadrant, in 2399.
Service Record 2399 - Installed on the USS Adelphi