USS Adelphi



Name LEH

Position Long-Term Engineering Hologram

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Hologram (Human appearance)
Sexuality asexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 3"
Weight Simulated
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Apollonia presents as a diminutive human female with brown hair and green eyes. Her clothing is programmed to reflect the current uniform in use aboard the vessel.


Personality & Traits

General Overview The Starfleet Long-term Engineering Hologram was a project owned by Starfleet Corps of Engineers Captain Bartholomew Huq - and although the knowledge files which inform the hologram's operation are drawn from 250 years of Starfleet engineering experience, the appearance and personality of the LEH Mark II installed aboard USS Apollo is based on Huq's younger daughter, Joanne. The LEH has developed a somewhat contrary attitude, basing all interactions with the ship's crewmembers on her internally perceived hierarchy of engineering ability, knowledge and competence. The basis of this perception is unknown.

Personal History The LEH is a Mark II variant of the long-term engineering hologram program. This particular version was installed on the Adelphi during her most recent refit in 2399, just prior to heading to the Delta Quadrant via the Barzan Wormhole.
Service Record 2399 - Installed, USS Adelphi